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How to Write Good Content For E-commerce Website?

Reports revealed that “81% of Shopaholic Do  Research before Making an Informed Decision on Purchases”[Source]. When surfing on an e-commerce site, the users have two main mottos: Purchase or Research! To satisfy both the aims, you can’t afford to give half-baked information! Because, when it comes to an e-commerce website, Content plays an important role in turning visitors into customers.

For example: if you’re selling an outfit, only its price and picture is not enough; even though the picture speaks more than words, the user may be looking for something in detail that includes: Fabric, Manufacturer information and more.

The content in your E-Commerce Website needs to be more informative rather than just a flock of words sprinkled here and there on the website. So, in this write-up, we are going to provide you the tips and tricks on “How to Write Good Content for E-commerce Website”

Answer “The Five W’s”

Before you start writing the website content for your e-commerce website, try to figure out the answer for the “Five W’s”, i.e. Who, What, Where, When and Why.

  • Who is this Product For?
  • What Are the Details of the Product? And What Sets Your Product Apart from Others?
  • Where Would Your Customers Use This Products, i.e. used for Indoors or Outdoors?
  • When Do You Customer Use Your Product, i.e. Occasional or Seasonal?
  • Why Would Someone Use Your Product?

Focus on Your Customer Needs

  • After analyzing the answer for the five “W’s”, start writing the content focus on your audience first and Google the next.
    Write a clear, informative yet compelling description for each item. Your content should be pertinent, in order to make an educated purchasing decision.
  • Give your customer what they can expect from your product via words, so they don’t hop off your webpage and move on to your competitor.
  • Providing accurate content establishes a relationship and builds trust, and thus increases the potential for sales and revenue!

Don’t Forget the Keywords

  • Once you finished writing the descriptions, now it’s time to optimize the content for keywords. Statistics show that people often search the products based on the brand name and most importantly the brand “Nike” has been searched for 13.6 million times a month.
  • Next to the brand name, you can also include keywords derived from the features of the product. For example: if you’re selling an outfit and it’s in blue color means, you can use keywords such as “Blue Kurtis”.
  • Make sure do not repeat the same keywords and same key phrases, as it leads to the penalty and also affects the ranking factor.

Use Keyword-Friendly and User-Friendly URLs

  • User-friendly and keyword-friendly URLs are also called “Speaking URLs”. Make sure to use the URL in such a way that clearly conveys the product name, features along with the brand name.
  • Overall, be sure to use the URL that is easy to remember.

Add Visuals to Enhance the Credibility of your Content

  • Nowadays, you can see the demo video along with the description of the content. Adding such visuals can enhance the credibility of your content and also let the users know what they can expect from the product.
  • It is also stated that viewing a 1-minute video is more relaxing than reading a 1000 words article. For instance: if your e-commerce store deals with clothing, you can show a catwalk style video giving your customers a good idea on how they look in the specific outfit.

Use More Descriptive Sub Headings

  • In today’s busy schedule, people often hate reading the full-length article, and they just scan the article by reading the subheadings.
  • So, make sure to include descriptive subheadings; for instance- Instead of using the subheading as – “Check out our latest collection”, you can say – “Check out our latest Blue Kurtis Collection”. This will draw the attention of the customers.
  • Moreover, keep the paragraphs short, since long paragraphs are boring invitations for users to take nap!

WOW… Completed!!!
Yes… You’ve completed reading the guide on how to create a good content for E-Commerce Website ! Now you know how to create good content to turn your visitors into customers! So, what are you waiting for? It’s never too late to start over! So, if you wish to do little tweaks on your website content, make sure to do it right now!

“Time and Tide Waits for none” – This is an old adage, and the new version is “Traffic, Sales and Revenue Waits for None” So act now to gain more customers, sales and revenue!!!

Do share this article! I’m sourcing new ideas for an upcoming blog, so I’d love to hear what you do get millions of traffic to your website in the comment section below.

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Benefits of IoT: How the Internet of Things Improving Our Daily Lives!

“Turn your lights off/on from your bed! Control your TV with your voice! Lock your door in a single tap of your smartphone”
– All these may sound funny & strange! But the fact –

It’s all possible with IoT!

Recently heard the phrase “IoT (Internet of Things)”, but scratching your head and searching online to find out what IoT is? Continue reading…. In this article, we are going to discuss what IoT is and the Benefits Of IoT?
Do you know IoTs are not something that’s new to the world? The theme of IoTs dated back to 1982…. Can you believe this fact? It may be shocking for you! But it’s true!
In 1982, the first coke vending machine was connected to the IoT Sensor which allows the users to see if the machine was stocked and whether drinks were cold. Hope now you might get a little idea on what IoT means? Yes, Internet of Things refers to all devices/objects of daily lives that are connected to the Internet (other than computers, and smartphones)
Thinking does these IoT devices plays a major part in our daily lives? The answer is “YES”. IoT is everywhere!
Have you heard of “Smart Home” – It’s nothing but an automated home programmed to save energy and make your life easier! In such a smart home, heating systems will be synced with external temperature and adjust the room temperature accordingly; lighting will switch “ON” as we enter a room and the list goes on…
All these things may sound alien to you, but there are plenty such smart homes that already exist. It’s all operating and functioning with the theme – IoT (Internet of Things)
When we talk about IoTs, we can see that the wings of IoTs spread everywhere! And the uses of IoT can have many benefits and below we have shed the limelight on the major industries that benefit from the Internet of Things.

 #1 Benefit – Medical Industries

  •  IoTs are really a boon for the medical field! Now, there is no more need to stand in the queue to consult your healthcare provider. With the help of IoT tools, the doctors can monitor the patient remotely and prescribe drugs on the basis of tracked information.
  • For instance, if the patient is in constant life support, all his health conditions are being completely recorded in the cloud system.
  • So, even in case of medical emergencies, the doctors do not require spending much time in understanding the medical condition of the patient; because they are already aware of the required actions to be taken by reading the info available on the cloud system

#2 Benefit – Hospitality

  • Today IoTs have been mostly used in the hospitality industry to improve the traveling experience of customers. At present, Face Detection id is provided to the customers so that hotel staffs can recognize the customer before their arrival.
  • Also, in the near future, they have planned to equip the rooms with sensors and emotion recognition cameras. For example: if the customer is hungry, it read the customer’s facial expression and recommend for meals.

#3 Benefit – Smart Building or Smart Homes

  • How amazing it would be – your gate automatically opens when you enter into your house and your main door automatically unlocks and opens for you when you stand in front of your house? Wow…. It’s really great, right? These are the things that are going to happen by 2020!
  • Using IoTs and smart technology can lead to energy efficiency and an overall better quality of life.

Let’s Wrap Up –

Hope this article gives you the glance of what you can expect from IoTs. People are more curious to know more about IoT; whereas some do not want to dive into the depth of IoT but want to enjoy the comfort it offers.
By 2030, your smart water bottle alerts you to drink water on an hourly basis and your pill bottle alarms you to take a pill. Your smart feeding spoon informs you to stop eating high caloric food….
Wow! That’s amazing, right! Overall, I can sum up that life is so easy and comfortable with IoTs!
If you find this post interesting, do share your feedback in the comment section!