Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Ecommerce Store/Website

From the past few years, the game of business and marketing has changed rapidly. With lots of technological advancements and evolution of internet services, millions of companies (including SMEs and start-ups) are engaging
with an online rush.
Now, almost every business is having its own website as a source of marketing, expansion and capital generation.
The competition is becoming tougher every year, as resources for getting engaged with online services are easily available now.
Moreover consumers prefer shopping online with the comfort of their own home – This makes e-commerce a flexible solution for both businesses and buyers!
Hence, it is time for you to upgrade your business standards with e-commerce integration.
Here are top 7 essential factors which will give you a strong reason to develop, utilize and engage with an e-commerce website:

1) Global Presence
An online store helps businesses to interact with local as well as international audiences. With the help of effective online marketing services, you can promote your website on popular links and media channels and your brand a global presence.

2) Budget-friendly Solution
For every business, the availability of budget and resources are very crucial, and companies try to save them as much as possible for bigger benefits. Upgrading your business with e-commerce store won’t take much of your expenses as compared to other ideas, and you will easily promote your services through it more efficiently.

3) Ability to be Open 24X7
An online store is available all day, meaning your customers can visit your store at all the times! It doesn’t matter – whether it is a week holiday or a national day your online store is always open!

4) Browse Your Products No Matter Where They Are
Whilst sitting on the sofa and watching their favorite TV show, your customers can browse the products available on your store! This not only save their time but also reduces their stress associated with shopping!

5) Offers an Easier Shopping Experience
An e-commerce website offers the customers the easiness to filter their searches, check the availability of the product and review feedback and comments of other shoppers.

6) More Personalized Operations
You will get more opportunities to engage with your customers and personalize campaigns anytime according to your business requirements. For instance, you can improve the logistics process, in the favor of your customers or apply more testing attributes for quality assurance of the products.

7) Higher Conversions
As compared to other promotional methods like TV or radio ads, which are very costly, you can utilize e-commerce store to promote your services and products on other websites without any cost.
For example, you can add social sharing buttons in your site and make users to share their favorite products on those sites. As a result, more leads will be generated and the chances of getting higher conversions will also increase.

8) Rapid Business Expansion
It can be easily recognized that online services will increase consistently, no matter what. With effective online marketing methods, you will get brilliant opportunities of engaging with more target audiences. This will make you expand your business operations to meet the requirements of every valuable customer.

9) Convenient Features and tasking
There are a lot of features you will get with an e-commerce site, such as implementing product catalogs, adding quality images and videos, posting descriptions and many more. Along with these, you will also get the admin section through which you can keep an eye on your business performance.

10) More satisfied customers
Nowadays, shopping enthusiasts are engaging with online shopping resource to buy their favorites. This will get you many opportunities to meet their expectations through attractive offers on your online products and services. Hence, you will get more satisfied customers which will automatically popularize your business. Implementing an e-commerce web store of your business will give your business new directions of success. You will get ahead of your competitors once you start getting responses from online audiences and become the most reliable company in the marketplaces. One a final note, it is the right time to break the shackles and raise the
standards of doing business.


What You Should Know Before Building Ecommerce Website?

Ecommerce business is experiencing a phenomenal growth!
Statista report says that in the year 2017, ecommerce had sales of about $2.3 trillion and it’s expected to reach whooping $4.5 trillion by 2021!
And the growth rate nearly 15% every year! Isn’t it great!
Making an ecommerce website is not a very complex endeavour however it’s not! You should know the basics of ecommerce capabilities and the issue remains significant even after getting the ecommerce operations running.

Let’s go through the things you must know before building an e-commerce website:


  • You should have an e-commerce website to be safe from hackers. You should have the best website with 256-bit TLS (Transport Sockets Layer) encryption, permitting the end-to-end secured connection across the transactions and data on the website.
  •  In addition, your e-commerce website should have a tool for payment processing which can provide additional security during the payment and cart aspects of the transaction.

Hosting Provider

Now it’s time to select a hosting provider! When looking for a hosting provider for your online business, it’s best to go with a provider that specializes in e-commerce; pick out the best which
guarantees 99.9% uptime!

Scaling As Per Needs

  • When the inventory grows rapidly because of activities like seasonal deals or flash sales, you have to scale up your platform consequently to handle the needs.
  •  Luckily, scaling server requirements are easy if you use a cloud service provider who is standardized on the dependable IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) platform.
  •  Using an IaaS platform, you can scale the server power heavily with only a few clicks.


  • The majority of e-commerce services assist you on building your website as mobile-friendly because all the content which works on the mobile will also work fine on the desktop
    however not vice versa.
  •  Despite the other factors which make the company repulsive like some out-dated the philosophy they will be damaging from the beginning.

Cloud Hosting

  • If you can manage the services yourself, then Microsoft, Google, and Amazon all are extremely good options. You can choose any of them or hire some other vendor too.
  • Choosing one of these options is very important because it affects how frequently your the site goes down if your saved data is secured and you’ll be able to use it again in case of any messy situation.

Website Updates

  • As your e-commerce isn’t a “set-it-forget-it” thing, you need a vendor who can constantly deliver new codes to your e-commerce website for better performance and
    new features.
  • Sadly, some vendors distribute new code only once a day or once in two days which is not acceptable. You need a vendor, who can offer codes anytime in the day.
  • That’s how you’ll never need to wait for the problems to get rectified or for getting the new features live on the homepage.

Third-Party Associations

  • If you are running some email marketing campaigns using MailChimp, combining your e-commerce and marketing platforms make sure that promotional and “Thank You”
    emails are secured straight back to your website.
  • It helps in getting better oversight like who has bought what, which promotional campaigns worked, etc. and you can regain the customers that have abandoned the
    shopping cart.

Have you followed all these things? Then you are done!
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