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How to Choose the Best E-commerce Platform For Your Online Store?

Do you think that it’s easy to choose the best e-commerce platform for an online store? It certainly isn’t! But if you observe, a lot of people are successfully doing so! So, the question is how to choose the best e-commerce platform for your online store?

In this article, we will show you how to select the best. So, let’s start!

If you want one for yourself, just search the market and you will come across many e-commerce platforms which will make you confused. So, let’s discuss how to choose the best ecommerce platform for your online store?

Easy User Experience – 

With different E-Commerce Platforms, you need to give your customers required personalized experience and for that you need a committed backend team which will make sure that everything works fine at the front end. The main objective here is to provide the finest shopping experience to your customers which belong to various locations. Therefore, your e-commerce platform needs to be capable of providing multi-user experiences in a cost-effective way.

Multiple Payment Options-

If  your e-commerce business is working in various parts around the world, you must provide multiple payment options to your clients so that customers from various countries can easily pay in their own currencies. For instance, Shopify only offers PayPal as the main payment option; however it supports other payment options too like Amazon Payment, 2CheckOut, Stripe, etc.

Whereas different options may look irresistible, you need to choose the platform, which integrates the payment options that complete your business requirements.

Robust Security-

Cyber crime is increasing at a brisk pace and online businesses tend to get more vulnerable of these crimes. Your website will have substantial amount of private user data like address, phone numbers, debit & credit card details and more. So, being the online seller, you are solely responsible to protect the user’s privacy.

So, you have to choose the best e-commerce platform which provides you maximum security through connecting you with an SSL certified vendor or providing you an HTTPS website.

Marketing Prospective-

Marketing is extremely important for the business growth. Predictably, the e-commerce platform you choose must be able to apply all your marketing strategies. This platform should provide options like Social Media integration, SEO features, adding a blog, email marketing, etc. You should look for the platform, which fulfills all your marketing requirements and helps you grow effortlessly.

Web Hosting Factor-

Web hosting service is an important factor while thinking about having an E-Commerce Website. Any self-hosted plan helps you create an E-Commerce store on the existing website. Therefore, if you want complete control over your online store, then a self-hosted solution is the best option. In contrast, a hosted e-commerce plan provides you a collection of different options like domain, website, shopping cart, etc. at one space with no maintenance required.

You can select anyone that you need to create your e-commerce store.

Follow all the points and you will get the best e-commerce platform!

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Best e-commerce plateform

5 Cheap & Best E-Commerce Platforms For Small Business In 2019

Building an e-commerce business is no easy task. It asks for a lot of hustle, resource management, and researching for hours.

But what’s even tougher is, finding a good e-commerce platform to build your website upon. Especially when the list available is too long, it invites an ocean of confusion.

And finding the one, in a budget, is no easy job. But, don’t worry, we got your back. As you read on, you will be introduced to some of the best E-Commerce platforms which will definitely suit your business needs.

Let’s talk about the 5 best and most affordable e-commerce platforms for small businesses in 2019!


 Shopify is amongst the biggest platforms for e-commerce store

available today.

 Its user-friendly interface helps business owners make beautiful

and customized e-commerce stores without any IT skills.

 Shopify helps small businesses doing huge e-commerce operations

easily and producing millions of dollars.

 Shopify provides more than hundred themes to select from and all

can be easily shown on the cell phones also. You can choose from

over 1,200 apps adding to your online store.

 Also, Shopify has the database of professionals who can assist you

design your web store as well as it provides 24×7 customer support.

 Shopify doesn’t charge any transaction fees as well as offers fraud

analysis with all-inclusive SEO packages.

2-Big Commerce

 Big Commerce fulfills all the requirements of both small and big businesses. This platform offers a wide range of e-commerce tools in helping you creating a web shop and also creates opportunities to sell products through social media.

 Big Commerce provides 24×7 customer support to help you in the online store.

 Using Big Commerce, you can do selling on eBay and Amazon as well. Also, you can target wholesale and B2B audiences.

3-Wix E-commerce

 If you have a small business with below 50 product-kinds for sale then you can choose Wix  E-commerce as it is very easy to use. You only need drag-and-drop content for the online storefront.

 It comes with accurate imaging technology and beautiful themes that help you build stunning web shops easily without any professional tech skills.

 Recently, the Wix has launched the Wix Code feature, which allows people without any coding experience to create websites without employing a developer


 Square-space provide sophisticated web shops for smaller businesses having easy and straightforward e-commerce requirements.

 On top of lovely store themes, Square-space provide inventory management, coupons, unrestricted product uploads, email management, shipping configurations, and much more.

 In case, your business requires a typical e-commerce platform with no integration of accounting, payroll, as well as other business management software, then Square-space is the best option for your business at lower prices than Big Commerce or Shopify.


 Volusion is currently serving more than 180,000 business owners

and it helps you sell products on eBay and Amazon as well as

provides all-inclusive SEO packages and professional social media

management services.

 Moreover, Volusion provides important feedback to the business

owners, including unrestrained shopping-cart reports together

with a set of reporting tools.

Now, when you are familiar with the best e-commerce platform, it’s time to pick the one for your venture.

Consider the factors like ease of use, type of business, scalability, and security to choose the right platform for your e-commerce business.

Share it with the person who needs it the most and let them grow their business!