How does Payment Gateway Actually Works? What are the Best Indian Payment Gateways are Available at One’s Disposal?

The online world is much in vogue today. From a needle to each household, commercial or any sort of product and services one can get online. Plus, online transactions are trouble-free, transparent and quick, so people love this way of buying products.

But just as other platforms, the online world is also full of risks and frauds too. In this case, merchants are required to take the protection of the customers’ payment details and other info, on a priority basis. For this, payment gateways are the best resort.

Today, I will not explain what payment gateways actually are, as you know it quite well. But how does it work towards safety, and what sort of gateways you could get for payment purposes, you will get all details here.

Types of Indian Payment Gateways

Here are the top five payment gateways of India :

  • PayUmoney

The best payment gateway , PayUmoney is serving lakhs of merchants today. Its award-winning technology is giving a secure ecosystem for payments and gaining the trust of consumers.

  • Instamojo

This is yet another safe way for payments. This fastest platform, Instamojo , is growing every single day and useful for all MSME Indian merchants.

  • MobiKwik

MobiKwik is again best payment gateway that accepts payments from almost all options including popular wallets. It is quite prevalent for its secure dealings.

  • RazorPay

Giving access to each mode of payment, RazorPay process the transactions and payment in the safe mode.

  • CCAvenue

Another best payment gateway , CCAvenue offers payment options crossing the number 200 subsuming 6 credit card options too. It also enables you to serve customers globally as it

supports about 27 major currencies as well, besides bestowing multilingual payment page of 18 languages.

How do payment gateways work?

Well, you are now aware of all the best payment gateways of India. Now, in this next portion, I will clear you regarding how do they process. So, here we go!

Payment gateways are known for its secure transactions that transfer the user payment data from a payment portal viz. a mobile phone or a website to respective bank, i.e. Front end

processor. It securely exchanges info between the merchant and the ultimate customer. Here’s how it works:

#1 On the online purchase website, after checking out from the cart, the consumer places an order of selected items.

#2 The order information is then transferred by the merchant securely to the payment gateway. After that, this transaction is navigated to issuing bank for authentication purposes.

#3 Under the authentication process, the bank will either decline or authorize the transaction done by using bank or card details.

#4 This information is sent by the payment gateway to the merchant.

#5 Then money settlement is done wherein bank transfer it to the payment gateway and after that, payment gateway transfer to the merchant.

So, the entire process is based on authorization, then settlement and afterwards final reporting.


So how was your online experience guys? Now, you are completely aware of how this experience become pleasant and how payment gateways actually work. I hope this write-up

really served its purpose. Still, if you have any queries then do tell us here in below the comment section.

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