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Mobile App development

The Effectiveness of Machine Learning in Mobile App Development?

Our daily lives are being taken over by machine learning rapidly as technology moves forward, providing smart mobile-centric solutions. Mobile apps embedded with machine learning keeps companies at a significant profit. While mobile app development, Artificial Intelligence Mechanisms can give a world-wide approach to solving web problems represented by Machine learning. […]
CRM expenses

Here’s How CRM System Can Reduce Your Company’s expenses

In order to give a better customer experience, businesses are doing and improving in every possible aspect. This is because they are well aware of the fact that customer satisfaction is the only foolproof way of retaining them. To keep up your game, you really need to be proactive and […]
Machine Learning

Importance of AI and Machine Learning (ML) in Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is wholesome and always occupied with one thing or another. As a result, time and huge amounts of resources are lost on an everyday basis due to which treatment plans and decreased survival or cancellation rates are delayed as misdiagnosis increase costs due to additional tests. Undoubtedly, […]
Real Estate Web Portal

Best Tips for a Real Estate Web Portal

If you are into real estate and already have an online presence, we assume that you’re halfway there and you already know the importance of having a quality real estate web portal. Well, if you are yet to start, it’s never too late, right? To begin with, having a website […]
Custom Software Development

Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Software Development

If you are still stuck living in the doubt of whether custom software development is a solution for your business, you are likely living in the past. We have curated a list of reasons to convince you into believing that custom software development can make your task easy. In fact, […]
Magento E Commerce Store

Top 9 Benefits Of Magento in Ecommerce Store Development

In today’s day and age, eCommerce giants like Alibaba, Amazon, and Ebay are dominating the industry and putting too much pressure on the startup retailers. Launching a business has become a very tedious job as you have to compete with them. Considering this, Magento extensions are widely used by the […]
E Commerce portal

Benefits of having own E-Commerce Portal

E-Commerce, although unheard of in the previous generations, is now a big part of our world. Moreover, isn’t it one of the primary reasons many of us use the internet for? It’s made online shopping a piece of cake and more and more retailers are investing to adapt to E […]
App Development

How to Make Payments App Development more Secure?

The money transfer app development market is evolving rapidly and is estimated to surpass a whopping $300 billion by the end of next year in the US. Further, China is also expected to touch an even larger sum of $6.3 trillion.  Of course, it’s no surprise that the payments-related app […]
CRM for business

CRM for Business: How Can it Help?

In the digital world we live in today, the success of a business venture depends on Customer Relationship Management or CRM. Adding on, growing social media activities have deepened the idea of SCRM or social media CRM, which is resultantly evolving and therefore being adopted by small and large businesses […]
Sales Leads

Track Your Sales Leads in 5 Simple Steps

If your current business ROI isn’t how you expect it to be, you might want to look into your current sales lead management process. Although you can manage a lead in various ways, if you’re willing to boost your ROI and achieve your sales target, you should be searching for […]
Business on Cloud

5 Ways Cloud Can Make Your Business Save Big Money

For any enterprise, the most remarkable gain is its cost-cutting ability. And acknowledging how physical storage of data is a costly affair, more and more businesses are now turning to cloud alternatives. Taking your business on cloud can drastically change how you operate and function.  Along with cutting costs, cloud […]
Mobile SEO

5 Reasons Why You Need Better Mobile SEO Strategy

A good marketer knows the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but a smart marketer knows the importance of mobile SEO. Whatever business you have, your standing out of your competitors will only reflect from a brilliant SEO Strategy. Considering the vitality of SEO, Google keeps up its game. It […]
ECommerce Development

Best Ecommerce Development Trends and Practices for 2021

The Ecommerce has recently seen unprecedented and exponential growth all over the world. Not only this, the ecommerce retail sales are predicted to cross the US$ 45 billion mark by 2021 in India itself! And is expected to reach US$ 62 billion mark by 2023. These ecommerce development stats prove […]
Custom Website Designing

Why Custom Website Designing is Better Than Template Website Designing

Whenever a person has to buy a product or a service, the first thing they do is surf the internet. Therefore, a website becomes the web office where consumers reach after searching on the internet. Consequently, online web presence is very important for brands in today’s business world. Along with […]
Social Media Marketing

5 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Expand Your Business

With the advancements in technology and digitalization of the commercial sector, social media marketing has become a necessity. Whether your business is big or small, social media marketing can help you expand magnificently. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the importance of social media marketing for your business. Spreading Brand […]
Web Development

10 Important Web Development Frameworks of 2020

As the world has shifted to the new normal to adapt to the COVID-19, the otherwise repulsive systems have shifted online too. With the advancement of the digital world and the development of business assistance tools, the customer base is now considered the actual king. Therefore, the market now works […]

How Can a Mobile App like “Zoom” be created?

What used to be a peculiarity, the COVID-19 pandemic made remote working a norm. The companies that once considered working from home impractical are now thanking mobile app development companies for creating tools like ‘Zoom,’ which has made the situation a hundred times less complicated. While several video conferencing apps […]
Food ERP

Here’s How ERP Helps the Food Safety Industry

The food safety industry is usually disregarded by people in spite of the fact that it plays a major role in saving them from foodborne diseases. Companies of this particular industry do the thankless job by maintaining proper sanitation, preparation, handling and storage of both raw and cooked food. These […]
Pharma ERP

5 Pharma ERP Software Benefits to Resolve Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Challenges

The rising competition, governmental regulations, and customer expectations have made the pharmaceutical industry super difficult to sustain in. In spite of that, pharmaceutical manufacturers are operating relentlessly to make the ends meet by going digital, using versatile tools and techniques. One such tool is ERP: Pharma ERP software comes with […]

Readdress your Customer Service KPIs

Whether or not you realize this, the relevance of customer service teams has greatly improved in recent times. Primarily due to the fact that companies aren’t only trying to resolve customer queries, but are actually working on building customer loyalty by personalizing customer experience and interaction. As we’re trying to […]
Customer Relationships

SMBs lean into Technology to Build Customer Relationships during COVID-19, Says Research

As the world stepped into the 20s of this century, small- and medium-sized business (SMB) owners and managers were immersed in advancing technologies like customer relationships management (CRM). Who knew that a little virus invisible to the human eye would tear the global economy down? The COVID-19 outbreak brought along […]