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Why ERP Is Needed and How EPPS is Helping Discrete Manufacturing

From beginning to the end, ERP assists discrete manufacturing along the long litany. So, raising this question, ‘Is ERP required, doesn’t make any sense. But still, many othe manufacturers find themselves in perplex to get ERP or not.
For them all, let me point down here a number of benefits that ERP for small industries and manufacturing units bequeaths. After knowing it, you will surely resort to EPPS quickly, which is beyond any doubt, an utmost requirement of your business. So, here, we go!

Systematized Production Scheduling

The manufacturers do planning and scheduling on excel programs. But to save time and do it in a hassle-free manner, advanced software, like EPPS is a prime requirement. ERP For Small Industries centralized the entire data to simplify the operations and shear out all bottlenecks.
What does this actually do? This whole system by EPPS saves the valuable time of manufacturer who wastes in doing production scheduling all the time. Now you can put your resources in some other productive works.
Not just this, ERP for manufacturing industries brings flexibility and agility that helps the systems to respond quickly to the programs. Plus, it’s easy for manufacturers to adjust the schedules as per lots and orders.
All in all, it helps you in making long-term & smart decisions which helps you in preventing expensive breakdowns.

Management of Bills of Materials (BOM)

You are probably clear about the importance of the BOM. It helps in quick manufacturing without any delays and costly errors. But handling BOM is not a simple task. The discrete manufacturers have to handle multilevel BOMs.
ERP makes it quite easy. Now discrete manufacturer can order materials from suppliers and can enter product’s BOM. So, it will keep the machinery as well as material at the right place. EPPS helps you manage the BOMs which in turn helps in maintaining the productivity levels high.

A long lasting relationship with the supplier

Not just getting quality material has been important, but maintaining good relations with suppliers is equally important. Quality can only be maintained & obtained from suppliers, so you need to keep healthy relations with them.
Thankfully, EPPS helps in doing so. You can now check whether the supplies equalize the quality or not. You will get assurance about the BOM, inspection levels and quality levels. You will be able to track suppliers’ performance and history, which will further help in selecting the right vendor.

Inventory Resilience

ERP keeps you updated with inventory conditions and make proper utilization of spare inventory. The changing customer demands make it difficult to make proper use of inventory. So in that case, ERP For Manufacturing Industries helps in adapting to changing situations of demand.
ERP for small industries keeps inventory in control and makes a balance of it in changing circumstances.

Automation Privileges

ERP makes the whole system automated. Earlier the technical specifications were required to get typed manually, which was quite a time consuming plus daunting task. But now ERP has brought automation, which reads specifications easily and directly from documents of engineers. This saves a lot of time, plus, the processing is error free. This helps the whole processing more efficient and gains are fully guaranteed. One more biggest problem conventional systems face is that shop floor personnel needed to go from the work area, check the input units and end at the input terminal. But now, this work tracking can be done with the help of ERP. ERP for manufacturing industries is really a blessing.

Follow Up

ERP is the only way to keep your enemies, viz. quality lapses, errors and bottlenecks aside and make you perfect in discrete manufacturing. Without ERP, the production lines fate remains same, i.e. face continuous pitfalls.
ERP will let you generate and manage the data in a proper way with smooth business processes. It’s surely a smart step. I hope you get your answers now about why should you opt for ERP and How EPPS is helping discrete manufacturing. If so, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. If not, then do share your queries here, we will be pleased you help you out.

Secure Your Website from Hackers

The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Secure Your Website from Hackers

What do you think, data in physical form can only get stolen? No, online data is also at the same risk. So, how could you save it from hackers?
Don’t get stressed. Here are some useful tips that you can adopt and shield your site.Follow our ultimate guide to save yourself from hackers:

Follow the top tip- Regular Backups

The very first tip in Securing Your Business is keeping backups. Actually, it’s not actually a way to tackle the hackers, but assuredly it can prove the best precaution in saving you from getting
hacked. Yes, it’s quite dreadful when your website gets hacked, but if you have backups then none can halt you in recovering your position. You can set automated backups and even getting backup
services from outside will not cost you much. Well, I don’t think it’s a bad deal if you can save your whole hard work by paying some pennies, right?

Here are the ways you can halt hacking:

  1. Frequent Software Updates

    Don’t be ignorant in case of software updates. Don’t ever think, you will do it when it’s necessary to do so. Software vulnerability can invite hackers who can easily hack your data. And, make one more thing clear that if one hacker gets into all of your programmings then it would mean hundreds of more hackers will know it easy to hack the data. So, make it your habit to update software and don’t give a single chance to get your site hacked.

  2. Complete Network Security

    Network security must be tight. Keep your computer users under your nose and see if they are providing access routes to site servers. If so, then it would surely become a big trouble for you.
    Then how would you save your site now? Adopt these measures for complete network security:

    1.  Make passwords strong and don’t ever write it down. Make a habit to change it frequently.
    2.  Each device must be scanned for malware while plugging in the network.
    3.  Within a short span of inactivity, logins must get expired.
      Just apply these tricks and secure your site.
  3. Security Applications

    Security applications make it difficult for hackers to get their work done. These are available for free while some are paid as well. It hides CMS identity and makes you stronger to fight
    automated hacking tools.

  4. Web Application Firewall

    Installing a Web application firewall is another good remedy you can opt. It becomes a wall in between data connection and your server and checks each & everything that crosses it.
    By paying a meager monthly fee, you can protect the site by installing a firewall. It filters out all the unnecessary traffic and blocks hacking attempts. So, you can adopt this way to save your

So, how do you find these tips? I am sure when you will apply all of these. You will surely secure your site. There are many more ways like use SSL protocol, veil admin pages, etc. But that I
shared above are top ones.

Don’t forget to share it guys!

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How to Choose The Best E-Commerce Hosting – 5 Key Factors To Consider

The e-commerce market is steadily on the rise since its arrival. According to the recent reports, online sales have escalated up by nearly 18% and it is inevitable to rise more in the future.
Building an e-commerce site might seem easy at the first glance, but choosing the right hosting plan a bit tough & technical process.
There is no such thing as – Best E-Commerce hosting but you can compare the different plans & platforms to evaluate what is the right one according to your needs. There are tons of choices available but how do you know you’re picking the right hosting plan for your site?
Here, in this article, we have outlined some vital things that you should consider while choosing the best e-commerce hosting or platform for your brand:Pricing and Payment:

Whether you are a small business or a big one, you need to know what will be your setup and running cost. There might be some plans that look cheaper at first, but their operational cost might be huge.
The key to choose a right plan is when you compare the pros and cons of different hosting services, do not ignore your own requirements.

The estimated traffic:

If there is a huge traffic of consumers to deal with, an e-commerce site requires a huge bundle of system resources. In such a case, you might have to buy a VPS hosting for your business.
On the other hand, if your site features a small range of products, a shared hosting plan would be enough to run your site. Also for the long run, your hosting plan should have the capability to deal with rising traffic as your business grows.

User friendliness:

Handling an e-commerce site is a bit more difficult than a blog or any other average site.
As you will have to make frequent updates, the control panel should have a custom interface, easily accessible and a simple-to-use administrative dashboard to save your precious time.

Security Matters:

One might consider cheaper plans that negotiate with traffic handling, bandwidth, customization option, but no user would want to compromise with their security.
Make sure your hosting plan supports the latest security protocols (SSL certification) for safer checkout for your customers keeping their credit card information securely encrypted in the best possible way.

Integration & Compliance:

Your hosting plan must be compliant with the customization tools, payment gateways, sales/taxes counter tools, rewards/contest forms and shipping assistant tools etc.

So, to wrap it up-
The E-Commerce Hosting plan you are considering should be more than saving some bucks. Make sure to pick a hosting that not only satisfies your requirements today but will continue to do so as your brand grows in coming times.
Does your hosting plan meet all the important things mentioned in this checklist? Tell your views and experiences in the comment section below and do not forget to hit the share button so that others do not fall in the trap of big advertisement promises of hosting companies.

blockchain application

Blockchain An Unbreakable Chain And Non Hackable Technology!!

What a Blockchain can do for business is what the internet did for communication. We as technologists understand the importance of transaction transparency. Blockchain buzz is the latest revolution in the tech world. This technology has become a nightmare for hackers. Using Blockchain in any process gives the user the authenticity of the product. Blockchain applications would work to create a new world of decentralized innovations on the way to exchange any type of value today. As this technology is new, people have misconceptions about it. Technology experts is in constant research of using Blockchain technology in various Businesses. Blockchain needs expertise which is not easy to get so early.

How this works, is also an important factor to know about !!!
As each transaction occurs – and the parties agree to its details – it’s encoded into a block of digital data and uniquely signed or identified.
Each block is connected to the one before and after it — creating an irreversible, immutable chain.
Blocks are chained together, preventing any block from being altered or a block being inserted between two existing blocks.
And this is how it is difficult for the hackers to hack the whole chain, as they obviously will need each members consent to hack .
Technology is not only growing faster it is also helping us to be more secure and safe with our data and work.

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How to Choose the Best E-commerce Platform For Your Online Store?

Do you think that it’s easy to choose the best e-commerce platform for an online store? It certainly isn’t! But if you observe, a lot of people are successfully doing so! So, the question is how to choose the best e-commerce platform for your online store?

In this article, we will show you how to select the best. So, let’s start!

If you want one for yourself, just search the market and you will come across many e-commerce platforms which will make you confused. So, let’s discuss how to choose the best ecommerce platform for your online store?

Easy User Experience –  

With different E-Commerce Platforms, you need to give your customers required personalized experience and for that you need a committed backend team which will make sure that everything works fine at the front end. The main objective here is to provide the finest shopping experience to your customers which belong to various locations. Therefore, your e-commerce platform needs to be capable of providing multi-user experiences in a cost-effective way.

Multiple Payment Options-

If  your e-commerce business is working in various parts around the world, you must provide multiple payment options to your clients so that customers from various countries can easily pay in their own currencies. For instance, Shopify only offers PayPal as the main payment option; however it supports other payment options too like Amazon Payment, 2CheckOut, Stripe, etc.

Whereas different options may look irresistible, you need to choose the platform, which integrates the payment options that complete your business requirements.

Robust Security-

Cyber crime is increasing at a brisk pace and online businesses tend to get more vulnerable of these crimes. Your website will have substantial amount of private user data like address, phone numbers, debit & credit card details and more. So, being the online seller, you are solely responsible to protect the user’s privacy.

So, you have to choose the best e-commerce platform which provides you maximum security through connecting you with an SSL certified vendor or providing you an HTTPS website.

Marketing Prospective-

Marketing is extremely important for the business growth. Predictably, the e-commerce platform you choose must be able to apply all your marketing strategies. This platform should provide options like Social Media integration, SEO features, adding a blog, email marketing, etc. You should look for the platform, which fulfills all your marketing requirements and helps you grow effortlessly.

Web Hosting Factor-

Web hosting service is an important factor while thinking about having an E-Commerce Website. Any self-hosted plan helps you create an E-Commerce store on the existing website. Therefore, if you want complete control over your online store, then a self-hosted solution is the best option. In contrast, a hosted e-commerce plan provides you a collection of different options like domain, website, shopping cart, etc. at one space with no maintenance required.

You can select anyone that you need to create your e-commerce store.

Follow all the points and you will get the best e-commerce platform!

Please share this article and let us know your feedback any queries if any regarding choosing the best e-commerce platform.