How to improve e-commerce website ranking on Google

How to Improve E-Commerce Website Ranking On Google?

Ranking higher and getting organic traffic is the ultimate aim of every e-commerce website. But how could it be possible without a thorough knowledge of SEO and all the related tricks? Relax! If you are not aware of them, then this guide will surely help you a ton in bringing your site ranking up. Yes, it’s not the work of minutes. You will surely need to put your efforts dedicatedly and that too with patience as the benefits after this hard-loaded work will weed out all the stress and frustration. Tip: You will get the main tricks here, but we recommend you to stay updated with all the algorithms of Google as they get updated frequently. So, with the changes, you need to adjust the SEO strategy accordingly to get the best outcomes. The top web development company stays all the time updated with all the latest changes and keep you shine on the top search results. So, here’s the SEO strategy you must adopt for improvement of your website ranking on Google:

Excessive Keyword Research

You can say, keywords are a vital component of SEO research. Unnecessary stuffing and putting the wrong keywords are two common blunders one often does. The best ECommerce Web Development Company do extensive research beforehand, do competitor analysis, consistently check Google trends, choose just the quality keywords and put those into the website. So, before going ahead, firstly make sure that you have put the right keywords that will surely match the searches of your target audience.

Content can change the game

Suppose you are using all SEO tools, have taken all measures, but ignored the content portion and put unengaging and content of tough language, then everything will gonna waste. Keep it engaging and use appropriate language by keeping your audience in mind specifically. Plus, keep on updating it and put fresh content continually.

Pay your attention to loading time

The less the loading time is, the more visitors will stay on your site. Website Loading Time plays a crucial role in SEO, so, it must be managed with the help of the best website designing company in India.

Pay your attention to loading time The less the loading time is, the more visitors will stay on your site. Website loading time plays a crucial role in SEO, so, it must be managed with the help of the best Website Designing Company In India.

If website load time hikes up, then the overall website score in search engines will come to nadir steadily. So, it’s quintessential to deploy faster servers with the help of the best e-commerce web development company and let your site rock on the web.

Multiple Sources of Traffic by adding links

Adding links to your website is another fine way to improve the ranking of your website. Internal as well as external links, both serve its purpose in taking the rank up. Internal links navigate the users to another best content of the website and ultimately help in prioritizing the content by spreading ranking power in a fine way. By adding external links, you will get more traffic and hike up the value of content instantly.

Domain Authority Improvement

The best E-Commerce Web Design Company knows the secrets of raising domain authority improvement. Informative & quality content, adding infographics, slideshows, videos, targeted keywords, all make it happen and let your site get ranked in the top Google results. Cannibalization is must to avoid which means avoiding unnecessary keywords stuffing. After this all, the site posts are marketed via several social media platforms. All these efforts result in domain authority improvement which eventually ranks the website higher on the internet.

That’s finally done!

There might be a number of reasons behind site optimization, however, the main reason always remains as to hike up the sales. With SEO tricks, you will soon start noticing the quality traffic on your site. Just apply these for higher site ranking.

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Benefits of AMP For Your Website teckmovers solution

The Real Benefits of AMP For Your Website

Running a business online has become a necessity today, but it’s quite challenging to captivate the visitors and make them loyal towards your business. However, if you have AMP, then this doesn’t remain challenging at all as it smoothes out the online performance of your business quickly.

How could AMP do it? What it exactly is? What benefits will you enjoy? You will get all the answers here today. So, here we go!

What is AMP and why is it so essential for smooth business operations online?

Accelerated Mobile Pages, abbreviated as AMP is a great way to create the mobile pages that quickly deliver the content. It loads the web pages quickly and convinces the visitors inevitably to stay for a long time and improve the overall usability. In short, it optimized your page or website for mobile use.

So, quickly loaded website, quick content automatically means high mobile ranking, less bounce rate and of course better engagement. The Best Website Designing Company can get it done for you spontaneously.

As of now, you know what is it exactly. So, let’s go forward to know what Benefits of AMP for Your Website

  • Hike in Website Traffic

What do you think, is the best way to attract traffic? Of course, the best browsing experience can result in a great amount of traffic. AMP improves the browsing experience in a great way and lets the visitors stay on your site for a maximum time. The website that runs smoothly is the first preference of all the visitors, which makes your website popular and get a higher rank in search results.

  • Abates Page Load Time

By having AMP, you can proudly say, your users will not have to wait at all. The website load time gets profoundly decreased with fast and lean AMP. Quick loading automatically means more and regular visitors.

  • Increased Ad Views

The usability of images, banners, and ads gets enhanced with the HTML coded in AMP. This ultimately results in increased ad views and this gives a perfect chance to the publishers to earn money by monetizing their sites.

  • Higher CTR (Click-Through Rate)

AMP let your page showcase in the top stories carousel of Google. Whenever the search is done on mobiles, then it starts appearing on top of search results and pop up & encouraged the users to click on it. So, it makes your page mobile friendly, pop it up on the top and increase click-through rate of your site instantly.

  • Great Server Performance

If successfully, you start getting an abundance of traffic and regular visitors then automatically the server load gets enhanced which results in low site performance. In such cases, AMP works as a savior as it smoothly reduces the server load and enhances the overall performance.

  • Escalate Mobile Ranking

Because of faster loading, the mobile ranking gets hooked up with AMP. It will certainly affect business growth.

As of now, the benefits of AMP are clear, but How Does AMP Work? This is a common question that arises in everyone’s mind. AMP is not a single term, but it’s actually a great combination of several elements, which makes your site mobile friendly and optimize it in a better way. Its working is very vast and the best web development company can do it in a perfect way, on your behalf.


You can surely count on AMP for better user experience and hike up the visibility of your site in the online world. It’s a great way of Google SEO and you can get it done from the Top Web Development Company right away.

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