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Digital Marketing strategies

Latest Digital Marketing Strategies

In this era of Artificial Intelligence, the definition of Digital Marketing has been changed. Now, it’s not up to running paid campaigns. There is something interesting added to it.

What worked for you last year in 2018 will not be useful anymore in 2019. Some new digital marketing tactics and strategies have been discovered.

Digital marketing is a broad field of opportunities for medium and small industries. Everyone is not able to create enough impact on their customers through their products and services.

If you don’t use online digital marketing services with the way of 2019. Then you will not be able to rule the industry any more, even your products and services are up to the mark. So, you have to work on modern search engine Marketing Services to enhance your performance within the industry.

Here we are with some strategies that you shouldn’t miss in 2019.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is spreading worldwide at a rapid rate throughout the world.

Things that artificial intelligence can do better

  • you can target the audience of a particular location with AI
  • AI can analyse the behaviour of your customers
  • AI Accelerates ROI while saving money

This, we can say that in coming years is going to boost online digital marketing.

  1. Videos

As you can notice around your social media feed, there are a lot of video advertisement campaigns going on. It’s all just because video grabs attention more effectively than the text-based campaigns.

Big Giants in the digital marketing industry have performed a lot of experiments and reached out to a conclusion that approximately 52% of the customers watch videos before buying products online.

  1. Voice searches

Have you ever tried that you can get any answer just with voice search with the help of Google assistant on Android and Siri or iOS? Here voice search is a game changer in the digital marketing industry.

It’s 2019, over 3.5 billion of purchase performed using voice search every day. Every digital marketing agency has now to focus on search engine digital marketing.

Put efforts to make your web page Voice Search Friendly.

Focus on the keywords that people often used while doing voice searches.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots has now become one of the digital marketing trends as the integration of Advanced technology has been increased.

It is just due to the fact that people can solve queries without any wait through chatbots.

  1. Influencer Marketing

One of the most growing digital marketing strategies is influencer marketing. This is a type of word of mouth marketing focused on key leaders to drive your services to the customers of a particular niche.

Today, influencers playing a major role in attracting customers for brands.

Influencers can be anyone with having a large number of fan following. Some of them are –

  • Celebrities
  • Instagrammers
  • YouTubers
  • Vloggers
  • Bloggers
  1. Visual Searches

 This digital marketing strategy is going to boom in 2019.

After the internet giant, Google came out with Google lens. Visual searches came into action. The lens allows user snap of photo of an item and searches it on Google. It gives the opportunity for users to find similar products and the perfect to buy them online on the web.


As technology is evolving day by day, you have to be updated with it. You should always try to do experiments. Always go for the modern techniques that are coming out in Digital Marketing Trends.

What are your digital marketing strategies? let us know in the comment section.

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how to grow network on linkedin

How to Grow Your Network on LinkedIn?

Many years back getting a job was literally a tough task. This was making people to run errands to full fill their needs. But nowadays in this era where the connection landscape is spreading through Social Media Companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. Here net-work helps you in getting good work by an easy click.

One among these social networking site which is built specifically for the business sector is LinkedIn. Not like other social medias like Facebook, Twitter etc. LinkedIn is mainly  allowing the people to establish and build their professional career. This so called employee-oriented site helps in gaining the attention of people from the respective field and getting you the optimal job which you are looking for.

To get attention from the most efficient team or company, you need to have a powerful bio and immense connection. These two factors mainly helps in fetching you the best career. Increasing the connection is not an easy task as in other social networks.

LinkedIn is available with basic membership and premium subscription. With non subscription or basic membership, an individual can establish connection only with the people he knows or worked with prioly. But with the paid version one can get better access to increase their contacts.

How to Enlarge Your Network on LinkedIn?

Having an attractive profile: make sure to build a profile has the ability to allure people. The first and foremost is attaching a clean focused professional picture, not a candid one. Do this using image optimisation so that the quality of the picture remains same and uses less time to load.

Next comes to headline, where you have mention what you are doing. This is very important in establishing your contact as the headline may nudge through the people memory and helps in remembering you or will likely to connect with you if you are of same field. This helps in increasing the followers on LinkedIn.

In LinkedIn people not only look into your profile they evaluate you by the information provided on LinkedIn. So having a powerful content is must. Make sure to do Content optimisation to your profile and add respective keywords of your work sector.

Joining Groups on LinkedIn and creating connections with the people of interest is an another way to increase the number of followers on LinkedIn. This social media site will suggest you with some groups which matches with your profile. If you want to search for more groups optimise your content by adding other keywords and do the search. Simply joining the group will not fetch you much. You have to be active in the group participating in the discussions and all makes you to get noticed from the persons of your field.

This Social Media Company is helping many entrepreneurs, job seekers, professionals etc, to become more successful in their sector. This so happens by building the large network of connection in LinkedIn. Follow the steps which are explained above to increase the followers on LinkedIn and become triumphant in your field.

Benefits of Go Green With Technology Teckmovers Solution Private Limited

How to go green with technology on Earth day?

The Earth day is approaching and the so called “Go green” mantra will be chanted everywhere. Beside that many environmental scientist are trying to take the help of technology to lower the green house effect and thus improving environment aesthetics.

How to go green using technology?

technology is making the lives of every individual easier. Earth day is giving initiation to start  eco-friendly lifestyle with the help of technology. technology has occupied all spaces, it has spread it’s branches to minute sectors too. It’s also giving it’s valuable contribution in order to increase the environmental health.

Solar panels are one among the biggest invention in the field of technology towards mother nature. This is helping in reducing the carbon footprint in the nature and thus contributing in lowering the green house effect.

The other big challenge which the watch is facing are the e-wastes from computers, electronics, and from other gadgets. The elements emerging from these gadgets like palladium, silver, copper can be recycled in order to reduce the land fill and bio harm.

Taking the help of network: network is saving our time, money, and also helping in maintaining environmental health. One can do shopping of all ingredients required for day today life, organising virtual meetings, online classes etc, are helping in saving the precious gas and other fuels and reducing the environmental impact.

Go-mail with Gmail and go paperless and go green. When observed from environmental perspective this is a best eco-friendly gesture.  It’s a known fact that the trees are the lifesavers of people. They help in decreasing the green house effect. Many trees are cutting down and so many deforestation has happened in order to reach the need of papers. So by opting Gmail one can reduce the use of paper. Not only this in all industries documenting using data saves a lot trees and also they will be well secured.

Take the help of new technologies and their smart features like energy saving features, sensors, and installing LED lights all these minute tasks will fetch you more.

Technology is also has its impact on vertical farming which is very popular nowadays and having positive response from the Eco lovers.

Many techie ideas like carpooling also adds on its point by saving energy.

In agriculture field installing drip irrigation, organic farming and all are helping to decrease the green house effect.

There are many Go green apps which are contributing by giving tips and ideas to the followers in order to save energy and thus saving the environment.

As the main concept of Going green is to conserve energy and preserving  the environment. Let’s take the help of these existing and upcoming technologies in order to build the eco friendly future to our next generation.

We wish you a Happy  Earth Day 2019!

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How ERP Can Help You To Overcome your Losses?

How ERP Can Help You To Overcome your Losses?

ERP or Enterprises Resource Planning is one of the major assets for all big and small sized businesses to ensure their constant growth and business spread. This system allows us to manage the business effectively and automate many business functions related to Human resources, services, and technology. With its many positive effects on our businesses, ERP is also able to overcome your business losses efficiently in very less time. A business not using any automation and analytics system or an ERP is more prone to have business losses. It is because of the lack of transparency and tracking of our business resources and works. But, there are some Advantages of ERP Systems by which we can easily overcome our business losses easily.

Build Quality Control

Your business might get hurt with product quality issues or any other quality problems. By using ERP, it will be easy to have a constant look at every quality complaint and implementations of effective solutions to improve it. This will not only improve the product quality but streamline a key business process. You can go for EPPS ERP solutions which are having vast experience in this field and know how to provide endurance to a business.

Track Business Resources

If an unhealthy use of business resources is the cause of your losses then you must opt-in for ERP by which you will have all the track record of every resource expenditure. Once you have all the records of all the resources whether they are for production or management, you can justify every gain and loss in your business.

 Supply Chain Transparency

A disrupted supply chain of business could result in huge losses to company revenue. It is necessary to have a smooth and efficient supply chain where the raw material is transformed into batches of good and then sent to the customers. Process Manufacturing ERP provides full visibility of the full supply chain. It can also track the performance of suppliers and distributors and also provide analytical data to provide effective insights into the whole business processes.

After reading these points, you will be able to know now that What Is a Benefit of ERP Systems?

 ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation is not an easy task. It is always done in different stages. Once you contact a good ERP solution provider, they will do detailed studies and audits to provide you the most suitable ERP system.

  • Project Discovery

This is the initial stage of ERP implementation and it consists of activities that define the scope and vision of the project and get each detail of customer requirements.

  • Planning and Analysing

In this step, the main steps involved in the project development are discovered and the basic overview of the project to fulfil the demand is discussed. 

  • Build and Stabilize

In this process, the project is built and it is made sure that the solutions are up to the client’s requirements are not

  • Deployment

It includes the processes that will deploy the solutions in the production environment.

  • Post Go-live Support

After the successful launch of the solutions, big ERP solutions firms like EPPS Infotech Pvt Ltd Which is the North India Partner of Teckmovers Solution Private Limited also provide professional support after the Post go-live of the desired ERP solutions.

Limitations of ERP

There are lots of Advantages of ERP Systems, some of which are given above. But some Limitation of ERP is also there at the same time.

  • Expensive System
  • Degree of Customization
  • Long Implementation Time
  • Department Interconnectivity.

We hope that you will be able to understand how ERP can actually help you to overcome from your losses. ERP Challenges and Benefits are combined with each other but ultimately it will promote your business growth.

EPPS Infotech Pvt Ltd takes these challenges and will help in your business growth.

Common Wordpress Errors

How to Fix 10 Common WordPress Errors

You have developed the WordPress website and facing some common errors. It might be possible that a web development agency has developed your website.

You are trying to get in touch with your developer end to fix errors on the website. No web development agency solves issue instantly as they are dealing with many clients. So for the development of the website you have to choose the best web design company to get your problems solved faster. Web Design Services Company with a healthy rating is a little bit tough to find out. But if you are in trouble with some common WordPress errors we are going to solve them for you.

Trust me, some WordPress problems are easy to fix. Now, you will not need any assistance for fixing common WordPress Errors. When your website is powered with WordPress is a chance of some common errors on website.

So here we are with solutions of 10 common WordPress errors.

1-How To Fix 404 Error In WordPress?

404 wordpress error

This issue mainly arises due to permalink settings in WordPress. To fix 404 error you just need to reconfigure permalinks in WordPress.

2-“Error establishing a database connection” how to fix this very common error in WordPress?

This issue is in your WordPress Website because your website is unable to connect to the database. When user changes or modifies the credentials of the database your website displays this error.

To solve this error you have to reconfigure database host, database username and database password correctly.

3-How to fix internal server error?

internal server error in wordpress

Sometimes this error in WordPress also referred to as 500 Internal Server Error. Usually, this error appears when there is something wrong and your website server is unable to identify the source of the problem.

Now you have to manually trace out where the problem is but before that just check for the corrupt .htaccess file.

4-How to fix Syntax error in WordPress?

Syntax error in WordPress usually occurs when you add some code that has incorrect syntax.

You can easily fix this error by correcting the syntax again. Even if you miss a bracket, your website will face this error. So Check for that.

5-What to do when you are logged out of a WordPress or forgotten WordPress password?

You can easily get your WordPress password back if you have access to the password recovery email. sometimes you get this issue in a website because login or code is incorrectly trying to make some changes into the admin section.

6-How to fix upload issue in WordPress?

In this error, you see that all the images adjust repairing like a placeholder. This issue usually occurs when your web hosting provider orange and upgrade and your file permissions need some changes. After making certain changes in the file manager section of a website in hosting you can get rid of this uploading issue.

7-How to fix common image issues error in WordPress?

common image issues error in WordPress

Uploading images in WordPress goes confusing for new WordPress users. When new users unable to find out how to resize or crop images and align them then they think it is an error.

This is not an error. You just need to familiarise yourself with the WordPress dashboard.

8-‘Are you sure to want to do this?’ A very common Error in WordPress.

Commonly this error occurs in the admin area when plugin or theme falling to use nonce property.

Nuns property is just a security key for performing certain actions with URLs. To fix this error just review your plugins and theme.

9-“briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” Error in WordPress?

This error usually occurs when there is an unfinished WordPress update going on on your website.

Just sit back and relax. Check your website after sometime when the WordPress update completes. After that, you will be able to access your WordPress website again.

10- “403 Forbidden Error” on a WordPress website?

When the server permissions don’t allow to access a particular page in WordPress website this error occurs.

The incorrect file permissions, plugins with bad code and server configuration settings are the main cause of this error. Update them and get your website back.

What others are you facing with your WordPress website? let it snow in the comment section below.

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