How to Choose the Best App Development Company (1)

How to Choose the Best Application Development Company

An application development company represents your business to your target audience virtually. The major factor that matters at the time of displaying your website is being your quite mobile-friendly website. The demand for application development is increasing day by day and somewhere due to this global pandemic as well. After this global pandemic and lockdown businesses are adapting digitalization rapidly.

But there are a few things to keep on mind while choosing the application development company in Gurgaon. These points are as follows:

1. Choose the Company Who Understands Your Requirement

This is important to choose a company who can understand your requirement and the concept of your business properly. Therefore, it becomes the first step to analyze the organization to which you’re going to handover your project. Here you can observe:

  • What kind of business the team can handle.
  • Their support system for clients.
  • Testimonials by the company’s previous clients.
  • The time they take in completing the projects.
  • How synchronized the team is with designers, developers, and clients properly.

2. UI/UX Designs

The moment when you’re done with the analysis of the company, the next part is the design of your application. What should be the design of the application that refers to the UI & UX process? The team should have an extraordinary approach towards designing your app that will represent the brand identity. This UI/UX design decides how your application will look like. That’s the reason we give ample time UI&UX.

3. Security of Data

You must go for such an app development company that can assure security issues. The security of the data must be the major concern of the development company you choose. In one line we can say that the technology company you’re choosing must assure the security terms of the application that your idea won’t be shared or leaked anywhere by anyone.

4. Know about their Development Process

As a client, you should be aware of the development process of the development company you’re hiring. Generally, app development companies share their proposal before starting the work where they mention all the technologies they’re going to use in the development process. This proposal shared by the concerned company is very helpful in terms of processes involved in the app development services. This may include things as follows:

  • The type of application they will develop for your business: Android, iOS, Hybrid app, or cross-platform solutions.
  • Programming languages and frameworks: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, .NET, Kotlin, etc.
  • Features of the application: design customization, offline access, application optimization, search engine optimization, etc.
  • App’s security, migration, and easy scalability.

5. Maintenance and Support System

Discussing the company’s terms and conditions about maintenance and support is an important factor. You must be very sure about all the support they’re offering after your application development process. There’re various things left after the app development process such as you may need to fix certain bugs in your app, further updates, or post-deployment maintenance, and support, etc.

6. Cost Assessment

Discussing charges about your project is an essential part. You need to choose an app development company that takes suitable charges to work on your project with quality. You must explore the app Development Company before choosing any development company for your project.


Undoubtedly, there’s a huge demand for app development companies in India. Nowadays, mobile apps have become an important factor in business. Mobile apps are helpful in improving companies’ marketing strategies, establishing interaction with companies’ customers, increasing business growth, boosting sales, etc.

Therefore, you must be very careful while choosing the best app development company in India. We hope that the tips mentioned above might have helped you to get an idea of how to choose the best app development company.

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features of ecommerce

Important Features of an Ecommerce Website

In the era of the internet, every business has its online presence. Ecommerce website is the platform where you can run your business; you can sell your products online. Well-designed e-commerce must have a few major characteristics to grow your business online. Teckmovers solutions build well-designed eCommerce websites along with all the important features to help the merchant and customers involved in a particular transaction.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a few major important features of the eCommerce website you must have on your website.

1. User-friendly Website

As per studies, 76% of customers show their interest in websites that are easier to use. There is a concept named K.I.S.S. adage (Keep it Stupid, Simple) which is all about keeping simplicity in the design. This concept helps your website to get more traffic easily and retain the users. Similarly, a simple website attracts buyers to shop on your website due to an easier purchasing process.

There are a few points that help in keeping your website simple.

  • By using search functionality with the help of an autocomplete feature.
  • By maintaining cost-effective and visual navigation.
  • Use pre-populates forms.

2. Mobile Compatibility

A good eCommerce website is supposed to have proper compatibility with not mobile devices, even with all the screens. You must ensure that your eCommerce website has a responsive design for mobile users. Techmovers solutions is the best web development company in Gurgaon that provides highly responsive eCommerce websites for mobile and other screens as well. Good responsive or mobile-friendly websites are highly considered by Google for ranking purposes.

3. Fast Loading Time

The study says that up to 40% of online shoppers or users prefer to leave the website when it takes more than 2-3 seconds as loading time. If your website takes more loading time, it will increase the bounce rate of your website that will impact your conversion rate and ranking as well. Teckmovers solutions provides such web designing services that take lesser time to load and helps you to retain the users on your website.

4. Easy Navigation

Generally, eCommerce websites have to face many challenges in terms of navigation of the website as per users’ views. The major reason for navigation issues is the presence of a number of products on the website. Especially department stores have heavy data of their products to upload on the website must have a design with more careful navigation. In this case, user testing helps a lot to improve the navigation of your eCommerce website. Your eCommerce website should have such easy navigation that the shopper or user must easily find out the products he/she is looking for on your website.

5. Site-Wide Search

Navigation is one of the critical factors for a website though; the search feature deals with ease in finding the products on your website. Many times visitors or shoppers may face difficulties while finding out certain products on the website. So that good navigation along with effective site-wide search features makes your eCommerce more user-friendly and gains more conversion rate.

6. Product Showcase & Easy Checkout

An eCommerce website is supposed to showcase multiple products in an effective way to the shoppers. A good product showcase attracts visitors to buy your products. There are websites which are using a large homepage to promote their products as sale, new product line, or other offers on their products. To showcase products on the homepage you may use certain slideshows on the website to make it easier for visitors to find the products.

If we talk about the checkout process on the website, it should be very clear and easy. If your checkout process is critical by anyway, shoppers won’t be able to go through the shopping and will leave your site without buying any product.

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CRM software

How CRM software Helps Your Business to Grow

Customer relationship management or CRM software is basically used by businesses or individuals for implementing and optimizing an effective communication system with their customers. CRM software has been designed for improving and maintaining an end to end customer experience. Now you must be having certain questions on your mind like, “what does CRM software do? Can small businesses use CRM software?”

Yes, small businesses also can use CRM tools to manage their team and customers at one platform. In this article, we’re going to explain about CRM software and how CRM software helps your business to grow.

What is CRM?

CRM software is a technique to handle a company’s entire relationships and communication system with the customers in a proper manner. Undoubtedly, the customer management system deals with maintaining the organization’s operational excellence and growth. CRM includes various aspects of business such as team management, customer interaction, targeting new customers, support systems, etc. CRM software doesn’t deal with business promotion only; it helps in the business management process and customer experience as well.

1. Collects all data at one place

CRM software plays a crucial role in centralizing your all company’s data in one place which makes your team access the information easily. This information could be as follows:

Contact details

You can record all the customer details on your CRM platform such as phone numbers, email addresses, websites, social media handles, etc.

Communication system

CRM enables you to track all the communication history through calls, chats, emails, customer supports, etc.

Customer details

Here you can keep the record of all company’s customers’ history at one place. Customers’ history includes purchasing history, relationships, follow-up details, etc.

2. Helps in improving sales

CRM allows you to do manual data entry which is a major factor in terms of productivity. This automation saves the time and efforts of the team that affects productivity scale directly. By this way, you can avoid repetitive data entries and you can focus more on selling instead of typing. Also, CRM helps you to standardize the sales process in a faster way. As per the record of using CRM tools, reports show increases in various business aspects as follows:

  • Lead conversion by up to – +30%
  • Sales productivity by up to – 35%+
  • Sales by up to – 30%+
  • Customer satisfaction by up to – 35%+
  • Decision-making process by up to – 38%+
  • Revenue by up to – 25%+

3. Focus on customer experience & retention

When you have the entire customers’ details such as their behavior, interest in one place, it becomes easier to follow and support all the potential customers by the sales force. In this way, the sales team can maintain more focused and personalized customer experience. This data recorded on CRM software helps you to reach the right customers on the basis of their requirements. As per the report, 47% of CRM users noticed significant impacts on their sales by using CRM software.

4. Role of CRM in marketing

With the help of CRM tools, you can track how customers are finding your business in various ways such as online searches, marketing campaigns, or trade shows, etc. This track record helps you to figure out the particular way of your marketing where you are getting the higher RIO. Nowadays, CRMs are designed in such a way where you can integrate various marketing tools as well. This technique enables marketers to create effective advertising campaigns, landing pages, email nurturing campaigns to follow possible prospects effectively. As per CRM users, it is observed that we can reduce the company’s marketing costs by 23% by using CRM.


As we have discussed a few roles of CRM in your business in a brief, so there’s no doubt that it is going to boost your business effectively. And there’s nothing like small businesses can afford CRMs. There are a number of best CRMs for your business at affordable charges.

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