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5 CRM Software Tools to Look Out for in 2021

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is software that contains strategies and tools intended to making relationships of a corporate better with the customers. It analyzes customer service, marketing, sales, and stores and organizes all the data into a single system as well as records any service-related issues, identifies the various sales opportunities, and manages marketing campaigns in a central location. Helping businesses to build great customer relationships is the prime motive of CRM Software Tools.

Benefits of a CRM Software:

By giving broad accessibility to customer data, CRM Software Tools help in developing great relationships between customers and clients. Thanks to automation, it reduces physical efforts while also saving good money.

They boost customer satisfaction by enabling businesses to increase their productivity in serving clients through genuine customer data tracking, deal, and lead management.

If you are including CRM software into your business, you will need the best of the best. Therefore, we are listing some of the best CRM Software Tools to look out for in 2021:

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is a leading cloud-based sales, project management, marketing, analytics, including reporting CRM Tool. Automation attributes like management of the workflow, orders, contracts, and tasks are all contained by the features of this software and are greatly customizable and scalable. The custom dashboard of the software is simple to operate and allows for easy navigation. Salesforce also helps in analytics, forecasting, and real-time visualization as it supports both mobile and email integration. 


One of the top-rated CRM software is HubSpot as it’s both commercial and free. HubSpot has a very easy to operate interface that offers a simple platform and can be used by users without making too many changes because of its drag and drop interface. It comes with website, phone, and mail integration providing access to the features like Gmail, Google Drive, etc. without disturbing any other tools while running in the background. 

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is a cloud-based CRM, providing businesses a 3600 real-time view of customers. It provides features like partner relationship management, sales force automation, order and performance management, and customer support & service. Oracle NetSuite ensures enhanced sales performance with the help of its commission management, upsell, and forecasting features.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM comes with 15 plus years of experience, made for all categories of businesses. It permits a business to connect with its customers across any channel as it’s an omnichannel platform. It has multiple sales automation and marketing attribution tools that enable the management of deals and leads giving you insights about budgets and distributors. It also gives internal chats, notes, forums, and groups for successful ties between the teams. It also has a mobile CRM app that can record, update, and access the data to connect when offline. It comes with an AI based sales assistant Zia.


TeckCRM is a tool that enables great sales pipeline visualization and management. The main focus of this tool is to keep the salesforce unstoppable and thus boost the revenue. As it’s been developed by salespeople, all communications and deals are tracked, which also helps in managing all the leads and adapting to any sales process. TeckCRM allows for maps and email integration and also exports and imports data. Small, medium-sized businesses or start-ups can use this tool as it also has a mobile app.


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