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9 Steps to Optimize Images For SEO

The visual world, we’re living in, don’t let us ignore the value of optimization. Not just it makes your write-up or site appealing but also gives a hike in business ranking on the search engine. So, you can’t just overlook it!

It’s a great way to fetch considerable traffic. But what’s the way to do it? Simply putting any of the images from Google will not serve a purpose, until & unless that image is optimized. The Best Web Development Company serves the real purpose in making yourself visible on the web via optimizing the images.

Before revealing the secret steps to optimize the images, first let me clear you, picking the right image is utmost NECESSARY! If you haven’t invested your time in finding the relevant image to your content, then obviously all your efforts will be futile. So, before optimizing it for SEO purposes, it’s essential to choose the right one.

Here’s the way to optimize the images for SEO purposes:

#1 Image Size

How do you feel when you open a site and its image doesn’t load on time? Frustrating, right? The reason for unnecessary loading is the wrong image size. Firstly, keep this thought at bay that you will make changes to it after uploading to the site. Mind it! For this, you can compress the image which will keep your storage space small and make the dimensions big. So, you will get the full benefit of uploading to the site.

#2 File Name

After compressing the image to the right size, the next step is to give the right name which must be simple and descriptive at the same time. Giving the right name to your image would mean, you are giving the right way to search engines to reach your image. Use a hyphen to separate the image title and make it look good.

#3 ALT Tag

Even after giving the right name, it’s not easy for search engines to identify your content. So, here, adding ALT tag becomes imperative which eventually describe the image. You can further add local modifiers and keyword to ALT text which will be helpful in locating the business too.

#4 Image Title

Don’t take the image title with the name it is saved. Rename it, use appropriate keywords and keep it engaging.

#5 Relevant Text Surrounding the Image

Although captions don’t leave a direct impression on SEO, yet it can enhance the user experience to the next level. choose the words surrounding your image wisely and let the users remain more time on your wall by reading engaging captions.

#6 Geotagging

Add metadata like longitude and latitude coordinates to the image which would tag it with your location. The top PPC Company In Gurgaon can make it happen and let the traffic reach you easily via your image.

#7 SiteMaps

You can add sitemap with an image which will help Google discover you more easily. In the Sitemap, you can add image tag and in this way, images can quickly be recognized. It provides a direct communication link to Google.

#8 Structured Data

Structured data means you are getting displayed in the great and the top results of search engines. For images, recipes, videos and all other visual ways, structured data proves as a savior and get the firm support of Google.

#9 Anchor Text

Using proper keywords and adding a link to the text that directly opens up in the image, are the ways of using anchor text. This will also hike up the ranking of your content on Google.


These are definitely the best practices and absolute steps to follow for the proper SEO optimization of images. You can resort to the top Web Development Company for having great results as they thoroughly know the process of optimization and can lead to excellent outcomes for sure.

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