Readdress your Customer Service KPIs

Whether or not you realize this, the relevance of customer service teams has greatly improved in recent times. Primarily due to the fact that companies aren’t only trying to resolve customer queries, but are actually working on building customer loyalty by personalizing customer experience and interaction. As we’re trying to adapt to a new normal, major firms have revolutionized the way customer services worked. Companies are looking to revamping their operational and channel strategies. They’re using different approaches to build better customer relationship management (CRM) to enhance their services and become more transparent.

Now, as customer demands are increasing and new service channels are being introduced, companies should review the KPIs systems they use to analyze the service team performance.

What you need to do is to redefine ‘success’ and align it with your company’s recently developed expectations and priorities. Conventional success metrics, including customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter score (NPS), and average handling time (AHT) might have been relevant over the years, but today we have other KPIs that can help you formulate better CRM strategies; they are:

  1. Customer Effort Score (CES)

Typically defined as the effort put in by customers to get their issues resolved, CES is correlated with customer loyalty. Reduce the CES and you can encourage more people to approach you. This can be done by designing simpler processes and licensing service teams to guide customers on other presumable issues rather than just resolving the present ones.

  1. Channel Performance and Split

Experts globally are focusing on being available on their customers’ preferred channels, such as social media and WhatsApp. The increase in the number of channels has created the need to assess each one’s performance in terms of resolution time and customer feedback. This can help you enhance customer loyalty by bridging gaps and optimising resource allocation.

  1. Customer Retention Rate (CRR) or Attrition Rate

The CRR is affected by how satisfied an interaction with the company leaves the customer. To simplify, a good interaction may not directly increase loyalty, but a bad interaction will definitely end up with customer attrition.

  1. Agent Satisfaction

When it comes to the service team agents’ satisfaction, many companies seem oblivious. Providing the team with the right technology and support can empower the agents, immediately improving their productivity.

  1. Cost per Interaction

Interaction with customers doesn’t happen for free, companies have costs to bear, with phones being the most expensive. Understanding these costs can help you design better user experience strategies. So, you might want to promote cheaper digital channels like WhatsApp and train your team accordingly.

How can Teckmovers Help?

Teckmovers has been providing customer engagement solutions for a substantial period of time. We can help you improve customer service KPIs by:

  1. Reducing CES by employing self-service channels like bots and communities
  2. Keeping in check the performance of different service channels with smart analysis techniques
  3. Empowering service team to increase CRR and loyalty
  4. Automating employee engagement and productivity using AI-driven insights and tools
  5. Promoting a positive service experience, and using low-cost service channels



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Customer Relationships

SMBs lean into Technology to Build Customer Relationships during COVID-19, Says Research

As the world stepped into the 20s of this century, small- and medium-sized business (SMB) owners and managers were immersed in advancing technologies like customer relationships management (CRM). Who knew that a little virus invisible to the human eye would tear the global economy down?

The COVID-19 outbreak brought along unpredictable health and economic crisis as well as unprecedented challenges. While throwing many big companies out of business, the pandemic obviously impacted the SMB landscape deeply. Yet the SMBs didn’t give in; they evolved, with a good number of them reflecting confidence about their future meandering through uncertainty.

The recently released fourth edition of the Small and Medium Business Trends Report from Salesforce has done a remarkable job explaining how over 2,300 global SMBs are metamorphosing through the pandemic. The research covered a survey of business leaders in March and August 2020 and analyzed the findings, which are extremely intriguing.

The study shows how SMB operations have shifted over the past seven months: the convincing report can help businesses to adapt and prepare for the new normal as the present scenario continues to be ruled by a virus.

Let’s now look at the insights we got from the report:

SMBs are focusing more on customer communications than ever

As meeting customer expectations has become super more challenging, SMBs have got added work to do. They not only have to satisfy customers with their services but also take care of safety, sanitation, local health mandates, and maintain contactlessness. But it doesn’t stop there. Even after all of the aspects are taken care of, the next thing is to make the customers aware of those efforts, which is another task. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that 55% of the ventures surveyed have become more cautious about their communication with the customers. Also, about half have expanded ways of letting the customers reach them.

Moreover, small- and medium-sized businesses admitted to turning to technology to pull their customers closer: over 50% responded that it boosted their customer interactions. If we look at it from a bigger perspective, this is because businesses are meeting their potential customers where they’re the most active — 63% and 61% of millennial and Gen Z consumers, respectively, confirmed their likelihood to support digitally-active small businesses.

The SMB landscape has thus witnessed a revolution: from paying attention to offering online orders and contactless delivery, to doubling down on email and social media contact options, SMBs are focusing on building customer relationships harder than ever. Many SMBs now swear by business technologies like customer relationship management (CRM) for their efficiency in delivering customer service, justifying the surge in its usage during the pandemic.

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Website Designing

Importance of Website Designing for Your Business

You might be running your business in a balanced way even without the internet. But now, the entire scenario has been completely due to this global pandemic. Now people are more internet savvy and they prefer to explore online for any products or services they need. Therefore if you don’t have an online presence of your business, you can’t beat the competition in the market.

There are is number of importance of website designing for your business, but there are a few major importance on the behalf of clients who want their website which is responsive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. A good web designing company is always supposed to develop a website that can determine your business growth because website designing is a substantial investment for companies.

Here we are going to discuss a few major benefits of good website designing services as follows:

1. Navigation

A website is a collection of so many web pages that depend on your business and its structure or plan. A website with easy and clear navigation attracts users to your website and helps to retain them. A well navigated & developed website allows users to explore your website very well. Good website navigation helps visitors to reach their destination desired page without any hassle.

2. Brand Uniformity

Your brand represents your products or services to your customers and your website is the platform to showcase your products/services. Each web page of your website should have a clear picture of your business or brand that your visitor should clearly understand. All the content on your website whether it is visual or text defines your business and allows the user to make the decision for purchasing the products or services.

3. Engagement

A good website should have an appealing, exceptional, and user-friendly layout so that users can get engaged with your website. The content of your website should catch the users’ eyes because this is the point where your engagement starts. That’s the reason you have to choose the best website designing company for your business that can understand your target audience and design your business website accordingly.

4. Minimum Loading Time

Most of the visitors get exit from your website when your website or web pages takes much time to load. No matter how well-designed your website is if it takes time to load no user will give time on your website which makes a poor impact on your traffic. Your website takes so much loading time when it isn’t designed well that doesn’t compress images, optimize files used on your website. There is a number of elements such as CDNs, minification, fast web hosting, image optimization, etc to reduced website loading time.

5. Search Engine Optimization Strategy

A good website designing company focuses on the On-page SEO strategy to improve or maintain the ranking of your website in search engine result pages (SERP). During the website designing process, the designer is supposed to put the right and top keywords related to your business in the HTML based texts such as header, tags, titles, etc. This activity enables search engines like Yahoo, Google, or Bing to find your site and rank it accordingly. A better SEO strategy at the time of web designing gives a better ranking on SERP. The On-page SEO strategy of your site directly leads to the process of crawling and indexing of your website.

6. Lower Maintenance Needs

Choosing a good web designing company is a very important decision that determines your future requirements regarding website maintenance too. As web designing is an expensive investment, it should be designed in way that won’t take so many maintenances again and again. When your website takes less maintenance, you can focus more on the other activities apart from website maintenance.

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features of ecommerce

Important Features of an Ecommerce Website

In the era of the internet, every business has its online presence. Ecommerce website is the platform where you can run your business; you can sell your products online. Well-designed e-commerce must have a few major characteristics to grow your business online. Teckmovers solutions build well-designed eCommerce websites along with all the important features to help the merchant and customers involved in a particular transaction.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a few major important features of the eCommerce website you must have on your website.

1. User-friendly Website

As per studies, 76% of customers show their interest in websites that are easier to use. There is a concept named K.I.S.S. adage (Keep it Stupid, Simple) which is all about keeping simplicity in the design. This concept helps your website to get more traffic easily and retain the users. Similarly, a simple website attracts buyers to shop on your website due to an easier purchasing process.

There are a few points that help in keeping your website simple.

  • By using search functionality with the help of an autocomplete feature.
  • By maintaining cost-effective and visual navigation.
  • Use pre-populates forms.

2. Mobile Compatibility

A good eCommerce website is supposed to have proper compatibility with not mobile devices, even with all the screens. You must ensure that your eCommerce website has a responsive design for mobile users. Techmovers solutions is the best web development company in Gurgaon that provides highly responsive eCommerce websites for mobile and other screens as well. Good responsive or mobile-friendly websites are highly considered by Google for ranking purposes.

3. Fast Loading Time

The study says that up to 40% of online shoppers or users prefer to leave the website when it takes more than 2-3 seconds as loading time. If your website takes more loading time, it will increase the bounce rate of your website that will impact your conversion rate and ranking as well. Teckmovers solutions provides such web designing services that take lesser time to load and helps you to retain the users on your website.

4. Easy Navigation

Generally, eCommerce websites have to face many challenges in terms of navigation of the website as per users’ views. The major reason for navigation issues is the presence of a number of products on the website. Especially department stores have heavy data of their products to upload on the website must have a design with more careful navigation. In this case, user testing helps a lot to improve the navigation of your eCommerce website. Your eCommerce website should have such easy navigation that the shopper or user must easily find out the products he/she is looking for on your website.

5. Site-Wide Search

Navigation is one of the critical factors for a website though; the search feature deals with ease in finding the products on your website. Many times visitors or shoppers may face difficulties while finding out certain products on the website. So that good navigation along with effective site-wide search features makes your eCommerce more user-friendly and gains more conversion rate.

6. Product Showcase & Easy Checkout

An eCommerce website is supposed to showcase multiple products in an effective way to the shoppers. A good product showcase attracts visitors to buy your products. There are websites which are using a large homepage to promote their products as sale, new product line, or other offers on their products. To showcase products on the homepage you may use certain slideshows on the website to make it easier for visitors to find the products.

If we talk about the checkout process on the website, it should be very clear and easy. If your checkout process is critical by anyway, shoppers won’t be able to go through the shopping and will leave your site without buying any product.

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CRM software

How CRM software Helps Your Business to Grow

Customer relationship management or CRM software is basically used by businesses or individuals for implementing and optimizing an effective communication system with their customers. CRM software has been designed for improving and maintaining an end to end customer experience. Now you must be having certain questions on your mind like, “what does CRM software do? Can small businesses use CRM software?”

Yes, small businesses also can use CRM tools to manage their team and customers at one platform. In this article, we’re going to explain about CRM software and how CRM software helps your business to grow.

What is CRM?

CRM software is a technique to handle a company’s entire relationships and communication system with the customers in a proper manner. Undoubtedly, the customer management system deals with maintaining the organization’s operational excellence and growth. CRM includes various aspects of business such as team management, customer interaction, targeting new customers, support systems, etc. CRM software doesn’t deal with business promotion only; it helps in the business management process and customer experience as well.

1. Collects all data at one place

CRM software plays a crucial role in centralizing your all company’s data in one place which makes your team access the information easily. This information could be as follows:

Contact details

You can record all the customer details on your CRM platform such as phone numbers, email addresses, websites, social media handles, etc.

Communication system

CRM enables you to track all the communication history through calls, chats, emails, customer supports, etc.

Customer details

Here you can keep the record of all company’s customers’ history at one place. Customers’ history includes purchasing history, relationships, follow-up details, etc.

2. Helps in improving sales

CRM allows you to do manual data entry which is a major factor in terms of productivity. This automation saves the time and efforts of the team that affects productivity scale directly. By this way, you can avoid repetitive data entries and you can focus more on selling instead of typing. Also, CRM helps you to standardize the sales process in a faster way. As per the record of using CRM tools, reports show increases in various business aspects as follows:

  • Lead conversion by up to – +30%
  • Sales productivity by up to – 35%+
  • Sales by up to – 30%+
  • Customer satisfaction by up to – 35%+
  • Decision-making process by up to – 38%+
  • Revenue by up to – 25%+

3. Focus on customer experience & retention

When you have the entire customers’ details such as their behavior, interest in one place, it becomes easier to follow and support all the potential customers by the sales force. In this way, the sales team can maintain more focused and personalized customer experience. This data recorded on CRM software helps you to reach the right customers on the basis of their requirements. As per the report, 47% of CRM users noticed significant impacts on their sales by using CRM software.

4. Role of CRM in marketing

With the help of CRM tools, you can track how customers are finding your business in various ways such as online searches, marketing campaigns, or trade shows, etc. This track record helps you to figure out the particular way of your marketing where you are getting the higher RIO. Nowadays, CRMs are designed in such a way where you can integrate various marketing tools as well. This technique enables marketers to create effective advertising campaigns, landing pages, email nurturing campaigns to follow possible prospects effectively. As per CRM users, it is observed that we can reduce the company’s marketing costs by 23% by using CRM.


As we have discussed a few roles of CRM in your business in a brief, so there’s no doubt that it is going to boost your business effectively. And there’s nothing like small businesses can afford CRMs. There are a number of best CRMs for your business at affordable charges.

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