Link building strategy

5 Forgotten Ways to Improve Your Link-Building Strategy

In Digital marketing, there are a lot of link building strategies. Link building is the key to gain long term sustainable organic visibility.

Do you think that link building is expensive? Hey, we’re going to clear your all doubts regarding link building strategies.

There are a variety of options available under the Link Building Techniques which do not require high expenses.

Does it sound like you? And you want SEO and on page SEO of your website. So, here we are going to discuss 5 forgotten ways to improve your link building strategy.

1- Building Relationships with the people of your industry

One of the smartest ways improves your link building is building a good relationship with the people of your industry.

What I want to say, let me explain with an example.

Suppose you are in the technology field and you have an xyz website. So by building cool relation with other technology website holders, you can easily get Backlinks. You can go for collaborations to get Quality Backlinks from the people of your industry.

2- Do your own Research and share something original

This is something unique. We can say that it is the way about which many people forget. The Internet is a world of content and it communicates through it.

Try to create your own content and be the owner of that authentic content. This will help you out to get link juice from big giants of your genre.

They will give you backlinks because you are the original owner of that Masterpiece.

Do you know? These original articles are also known as linkable assets which helps your website to rank on Google.

You can take advantage of Google AdWords as well. The statics under Google AdWords will give you an idea of the bidding of keywords and monthly searches. Use these keywords in getting the topics for research and writing something authentic.

3- Recover dead or broken backlinks which are pointing deleted content of a website

 In the past, if your website had some good content and for that, you had some backlinks. Check those backlinks and make sure that they are working perfectly.

Think if these links are broken?

Now what would happen is this will give a bad User experience on your website. As well as you are facing loss, through these backlinks, Google is unable to pass link juice.

Conclusion- Broken backlinks are affecting on page SEO of your website.

And now it is time to redirect these broken backlinks to another relevant page on your website.

4- Get social media links

 If you have a Facebook page then head on to the settings and under the about section give the backlink to your website.

 If you have a YouTube channel then you can give a relevant link in the description of the YouTube video. And you have another option of adding your website URL under the settings tab of your YouTube channel.

For LinkedIn, under the contact section, you can create a backlink to your website.

 Twitter users can hit edit profile and can create a backlink for the homepage of the website.

These all tactics under the social media backlinks will improve SEO of website.

5- Backlinks come up with time till that produce great content

After producing great content and indexing it on Google. It takes some time. For that time you have to be patient and focus on creating excellent masterpieces of content.

What are your digital marketing link building strategies? Let us know in the comment sections link building strategy strategies.

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google algorithm updates

All Important Google Algorithm Updates

Google, the platform is continuously renovating its products and services.

World’s popular search engine Google take cares which website it should have to rank. For this purpose, it introduces Algorithm Updates from time to time.

Google’s search ranking algorithm has updated many times since its first release.

If you really want to boost up your Google ranking then you have to keep yourself updated with the Google Algorithm updates. With the upgrades in Google’s algorithm, the SEO Updates come into the action.

Google has some silent judgement makers especially curated to check the quality of content. These Google judges are implemented in such a way that they would prefer quality sites first to index search engine results. The names of these silent judges are Panda, Penguin, pigeon and more.

These judges directly impact your Google ranking. With the Google Rank Checker, you can verify your rank on google after following conditions issued under Google algorithm updates.

Let us discuss these game changers and search results optimizers in detail.

1-Google Panda

Google Panda evaluates the quality of the content present on your website. Content on the web which is of high quality rewarded with higher ranking positions by Google Panda. Google panda determines the SEO of your website and ultimately improves or decreases your Google rank according to content.

google panda updates

Google panda hates

  • Duplicate Text
  • Spinning of Articles
  • Useless content
  • Spamming of content

If you really want to optimize your website under the Google Panda recommendations than you should enhance the quality of the content on your website.

2-Google Penguin

Penguin checks the links of a website. In fact, there are a lot of things which are common between Penguin and Panda.

What is Google Penguin Updates

Penguin helps in indexing a website using the external links your site have. Generally, Penguin helps more effectively when backlinks are

  • from the similar content webpages
  • from the high authority websites
  • given to your site are from different domains

The conclusion comes out from Google Penguin update is that it only indexes your website on the behalf of valuable external links.

Links from the unusual sources create a negative impact on the ranking of your website. To figure out this, the job is in the hands of Google Penguin.

Google Penguin Hates

  • Buying of backlinks In exchange for money or products
  • The unnatural use of keywords

If you think you are under the impact of Google Penguin then search on the web for backlink check tool. Figure out all the negative links to your website and try to get them down manually or you can use the Google disavow tool.

3-Google Pigeon

Have you ever heard about the Local SEO? There are a lot of ranking factors involved in it.

Nowadays, Google is using two algorithms one is for the traditional search another one is for the local search.

What is Google Pigeon Updates

With the Google Pigeon update, Google is now able to give rankings to the website with respect to the business location and distance from the user.

There is no way to resolve the issue regarding the distance between your business and user. In fact, there is a positive point. The users who are in your location are never far away from you to grab. Your website will appear higher in search results.

Use keywords which are popular in your location. It will help you to drive more local traffic.

These are some of the Google updates that you have to keep in mind while growing your business online.

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Digital Marketing strategies

Latest Digital Marketing Strategies

In this era of Artificial Intelligence, the definition of Digital Marketing has been changed. Now, it’s not up to running paid campaigns. There is something interesting added to it.

What worked for you last year in 2018 will not be useful anymore in 2019. Some new digital marketing tactics and strategies have been discovered.

Digital marketing is a broad field of opportunities for medium and small industries. Everyone is not able to create enough impact on their customers through their products and services.

If you don’t use online digital marketing services with the way of 2019. Then you will not be able to rule the industry any more, even your products and services are up to the mark. So, you have to work on modern search engine Marketing Services to enhance your performance within the industry.

Here we are with some strategies that you shouldn’t miss in 2019.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is spreading worldwide at a rapid rate throughout the world.

Things that artificial intelligence can do better

  • you can target the audience of a particular location with AI
  • AI can analyse the behaviour of your customers
  • AI Accelerates ROI while saving money

This, we can say that in coming years is going to boost online digital marketing.

  1. Videos

As you can notice around your social media feed, there are a lot of video advertisement campaigns going on. It’s all just because video grabs attention more effectively than the text-based campaigns.

Big Giants in the digital marketing industry have performed a lot of experiments and reached out to a conclusion that approximately 52% of the customers watch videos before buying products online.

  1. Voice searches

Have you ever tried that you can get any answer just with voice search with the help of Google assistant on Android and Siri or iOS? Here voice search is a game changer in the digital marketing industry.

It’s 2019, over 3.5 billion of purchase performed using voice search every day. Every digital marketing agency has now to focus on search engine digital marketing.

Put efforts to make your web page Voice Search Friendly.

Focus on the keywords that people often used while doing voice searches.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots has now become one of the digital marketing trends as the integration of Advanced technology has been increased.

It is just due to the fact that people can solve queries without any wait through chatbots.

  1. Influencer Marketing

One of the most growing digital marketing strategies is influencer marketing. This is a type of word of mouth marketing focused on key leaders to drive your services to the customers of a particular niche.

Today, influencers playing a major role in attracting customers for brands.

Influencers can be anyone with having a large number of fan following. Some of them are –

  • Celebrities
  • Instagrammers
  • YouTubers
  • Vloggers
  • Bloggers
  1. Visual Searches

 This digital marketing strategy is going to boom in 2019.

After the internet giant, Google came out with Google lens. Visual searches came into action. The lens allows user snap of photo of an item and searches it on Google. It gives the opportunity for users to find similar products and the perfect to buy them online on the web.


As technology is evolving day by day, you have to be updated with it. You should always try to do experiments. Always go for the modern techniques that are coming out in Digital Marketing Trends.

What are your digital marketing strategies? let us know in the comment section.

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how to grow network on linkedin

How to Grow Your Network on LinkedIn?

Many years back getting a job was literally a tough task. This was making people to run errands to full fill their needs. But nowadays in this era where the connection landscape is spreading through Social Media Companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. Here net-work helps you in getting good work by an easy click.

One among these social networking site which is built specifically for the business sector is LinkedIn. Not like other social medias like Facebook, Twitter etc. LinkedIn is mainly  allowing the people to establish and build their professional career. This so called employee-oriented site helps in gaining the attention of people from the respective field and getting you the optimal job which you are looking for.

To get attention from the most efficient team or company, you need to have a powerful bio and immense connection. These two factors mainly helps in fetching you the best career. Increasing the connection is not an easy task as in other social networks.

LinkedIn is available with basic membership and premium subscription. With non subscription or basic membership, an individual can establish connection only with the people he knows or worked with prioly. But with the paid version one can get better access to increase their contacts.

How to Enlarge Your Network on LinkedIn?

Having an attractive profile: make sure to build a profile has the ability to allure people. The first and foremost is attaching a clean focused professional picture, not a candid one. Do this using image optimisation so that the quality of the picture remains same and uses less time to load.

Next comes to headline, where you have mention what you are doing. This is very important in establishing your contact as the headline may nudge through the people memory and helps in remembering you or will likely to connect with you if you are of same field. This helps in increasing the followers on LinkedIn.

In LinkedIn people not only look into your profile they evaluate you by the information provided on LinkedIn. So having a powerful content is must. Make sure to do Content optimisation to your profile and add respective keywords of your work sector.

Joining Groups on LinkedIn and creating connections with the people of interest is an another way to increase the number of followers on LinkedIn. This social media site will suggest you with some groups which matches with your profile. If you want to search for more groups optimise your content by adding other keywords and do the search. Simply joining the group will not fetch you much. You have to be active in the group participating in the discussions and all makes you to get noticed from the persons of your field.

This Social Media Company is helping many entrepreneurs, job seekers, professionals etc, to become more successful in their sector. This so happens by building the large network of connection in LinkedIn. Follow the steps which are explained above to increase the followers on LinkedIn and become triumphant in your field.