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Top 9 Benefits Of Magento in Ecommerce Store Development

In today’s day and age, eCommerce giants like Alibaba, Amazon, and Ebay are dominating the industry and putting too much pressure on the startup retailers. Launching a business has become a very tedious job as you have to compete with them. Considering this, Magento extensions are widely used by the start ups for their E Commerce store development as they offer limitless advantages when used in online stores.

Why magento runs the world nowadays is because it is:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Efficient content manager
  • SEO supporter
  • An intuitive page editor

1. Features

Magneto boasts of key features like advanced search, favorites, wish lists, product comparisons, email, multi store, layered navigations, grouped products, and content management system for static pages along with SEO performance comes. The foundations delivering user experience and customer satisfaction are the features of an e-commerce website and Magento has a lot of promise in this regard as well.

2. Flexibility

You can get an edition-based solution by utilizing the flexibility of the platform which totally depends upon the requirements, size, and budget of your business. While ‘Magento Enterprise’ serves medium to large businesses, ‘Magento Go’ is apt for small businesses. With Magento, every enterprise gets something unique for them as countless themes and templates are available for use.

3. SEO Edge

Duplicate content, page traffic, indexing, landing page, etc., are well-equipped for a website developed on Magento. Commonly arisen issues are also being solved through ‘Magento SEO’ by facilitating better optimization of e-commerce sites.

4. Developers Friendly

Businesses are growing so rapidly that websites also need to be updated regularly. Magento can save a good amount of your time due to which the developers can easily add pages to the website, update content, and link pages to the sub or main navigation.

5. Multiple Store Management

Earlier, it was way too difficult to manage multiple stores from on the administrative panel, but with Magneto, every single store can be set up distinctly with its distinctive product catalog. 24/7 online business has become stress-free through such advantages.

6. Coding

With Magento, coding is not that complex as the core coding can be easily integrated with third-party coding. Magento comes with both core code and third-party code, helping websites to draw the best of both. It isn’t disrupted by extensions and add ons of future upgrades, which is primarily why so many businesses have switched to Magento.

7. No Geographical Constraints

When an ecommerce website is serving an audience situated throughout the world, currency and language are considered as major factors. Magento, with its distinctive features, smudge these boundaries and enable customers to shop from almost any corner of the world.

8. Marketing tools

Magento E Commerce websites can attract more capable buyers through branding and can promote the business through various tools and technologies. Some of these tools are Catalog Promotional Pricing, Bundled Products, Flexible Coupons, Landing page Tools for Campaigns, Private sales, etc.

9. Open Source

This platform is likely to get better with every addition and the improvements might also shape up eCommerce websites. Therefore, Magento is definitely going to evolve in future and so will your eCommerce store.


Loads of opportunities are being foreseen in the eCommerce industry, all you need to do is to get ready to clasp the changes for better.


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E Commerce portal

Benefits of having own E-Commerce Portal

E-Commerce, although unheard of in the previous generations, is now a big part of our world. Moreover, isn’t it one of the primary reasons many of us use the internet for? It’s made online shopping a piece of cake and more and more retailers are investing to adapt to E Commerce portal to grow their businesses. After all, people nowadays are more driven towards online shopping over visiting stores. From the sellers’ point of view, E Commerce has made having an online store easy.

Some Salient Features offered by E Commerce Portal

  1. Data security
  2. Social Media friendly
  3. Responsive as well as intuitive user interface
  4. Order, Catalog, and Inventory Management in real time
  5. Excellent performance
  6. Customizable and extendable for new feature updates

Benefits of Building own E-Commerce Portal

1.   Low Operational Costs

To begin an online store, you don’t need to invest in a lot of capital. It would actually cost much less than starting a physical store does, success of which depends on its location and visibility. With eCommerce, you may even function independently from home, minimizing the need of hiring a huge staff. Further, tying up with a logistics company can reduce your costs and make the process hassle-free.

2.   Widened Consumer Base

As far as the success of your business is concerned, the biggest determinants are your customers and store location (which decides the accessibility to the distributor), and in an online store, the location of your physical store or warehouse shouldn’t make much difference. Via the internet, you can reach millions of users worldwide and can enjoy a huge consumer base if you employ the right SEO practices.

3.   User Experience and Customer Loyalty

As we’re living in the times of a pandemic (COVID-19), no wonder, people now prefer to shop online even more than earlier. Besides, customers get to choose from a huge collection of products while shopping online, which attracts them even more. Going online and owning your own eCommerce portal can allow your consumer base to engage with your website, which in turns enhances user experience and loyalty. Additionally, you can make your website user-friendly and interactive to enhance their overall experience and how they look at your brand. Moreover, there’s no time constraint with shopping online.

4.   Enter Market without a Store

Not only entering the market is smooth, staying in it is even simpler. However, while having an online store may not have the same tasks as offline stores, there are other things you need to focus on, like performing proper SEO strategies. Therefore, it is a much better option than a physical store as there are no barriers and even licenses are not required.


E-Commerce enables retailers to run their businesses from the comfort of their homes. Your store operational costs reduce, you earn a wider and more loyal consumer base through which you ca enter the market without even worrying about paying hefty store rents. If you have a business plan or idea in your head, it’s best to have your own E-Commerce website.

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ECommerce Development

Best Ecommerce Development Trends and Practices for 2021

The Ecommerce has recently seen unprecedented and exponential growth all over the world. Not only this, the ecommerce retail sales are predicted to cross the US$ 45 billion mark by 2021 in India itself! And is expected to reach US$ 62 billion mark by 2023. These ecommerce development stats prove that the industry is currently developing successfully and thereby forcing many sellers to expand to online services. Conversely, the increase in the number of consumers of the sector has led to a parallel increase in ecommerce development services around the world.

Now, let’s discuss the recent ecommerce development trends that kept the industry high in 2020 and are expected to keep the industry up through 2021 as well.

Voice Search Commerce

By 2021, the number of smart speakers users is projected to increase by 18%. This means that the usage of voice search commerce will also rise around the world. Keeping the voice search option on your ecommerce website available is a super smart option as it will definitely increase your sales in the years to come.

So, while developing your ecommerce website or online store, to achieve increased sales revenues, you should consider voice search strategy to serve the up-to-date shoppers.

You can optimize your ecommerce channels for voice search by

  • Adding new Google Assistant and Alexa skills
  • Offering voice-based navigation on your website and/or app
  • Providing a smooth voice search experience
  • Optimizing content to display in-voice queries

AR/VR Commerce

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (virtual reality) technologies are so widely admired by smartphone users that you can’t imagine! When it comes to an online shopping experience,  users love to see the new possibilities that these technologies can bring. With AR/VR technologies, many industries have been revolutionized and are now perceived as modern in true sense. You might as well feel the ‘future is here’ vibe. 

The AR/VR experts are working vigorously to make this not just a reality, but something ordinary for users. If your ecommerce strategy doesn’t have AR/VR on the top of priority, you don’t know what you’re missing. AR/VR grants your customers to have a 3D, real-world look on the product before they buy it – just as they would, had they been in a real market. This hundred percent enhances the user experience and adds to customer satisfaction.

Social Media Commerce

Social media commerce is nothing but using social media for commercial purposes. It’s a very essential and new trend that can help you achieve higher benefits and profits from ecommerce. These days, you can find a huge customer base on social media due to the integrated experience on it, allowing people to access the best deals for their desired products. 

Being on social media can benefit your business manifold as people follow the profiles of their favourite brands to receive regular updates and in turn shoot their visibility and brand value.

Omnichannel Commerce

As a smart e-business practice, omnichannel commerce has obtained a unique position. Customers now are not bound to a particular channel – they can buy products on different platforms like eBay, Facebook, Amazon, etc. Therefore, your ecommerce development strategy must include this practice considering it integral. 

The Omnichannel experience can be enhanced by:

  • Optimizing the site for mobile gadgets 
  • Offering a personalized user-experience
  • Offering tools like an SAP commerce cloud

Mobile Optimization

Comparing online and offline sales is not a question anymore. Even a child can estimate that people are buying more stuff online than offline as it gives them the alternative to buy sitting in their homes, especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. Even then, the best medium to sell your products and services is not desktop/laptop websites anymore, it’s the mobile versions. Whether app or mobile-optimized websites, people are accessing ecommerce using their smartphones more than any other device. 

This was the trend this year and the same is predicted to sustain in the year 2021 as well. Therefore, mobile apps and websites are where you must find your spot at. 

Now that you know the trends you need to follow, don’t miss out on anything!

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Web Development

10 Important Web Development Frameworks of 2020

As the world has shifted to the new normal to adapt to the COVID-19, the otherwise repulsive systems have shifted online too. With the advancement of the digital world and the development of business assistance tools, the customer base is now considered the actual king. Therefore, the market now works from the customer perspective, which means that websites have to be developed according to the personalized needs of each customer type. Here, we will discuss the most popular and important website development frameworks for the year 2020.

Language: Key to the Framework of a Website

Similar to any spoken language, systems also have languages that they use to take and understand commands. This is the language that web developers use to design codes on which a website is built. Therefore, language is key to the framework of any website.

Frameworks: Backbone of Web Development

A web framework is a basic structure on which a website is built or to be built. As codes lie at the foundation of a website, a set of codes lay the framework of the website. These frameworks can be worked accordingly by adding or subtracting codes as per planned design for the website.

These frameworks can be thought of as a cake base: you can either get one from the market and decorate it as you like, or make it at home from scratch.

  1. Angular JS

Popular websites with this framework: Netflix, Amazon, Youtube on PS3, etc

Language:  JavaScript

Angular, originally developed by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons, is a framework by Google. The framework is used to build large-scale, high-performance web applications.

  1. Laravel

Popular websites with this framework: Crowdcube, Deltanet Travel, About You, etc.

Language: PHP

Created by Taylor Otwell in 2011, Laravel is a modern framework that follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Moreover, it is popular because of its ease for making robust applications. You can start learning and developing it with Laracasts with the help of the many tutorials it offers.

  1. Express JS

Popular websites with this framework: Twitter, Storify, Myspace, Accenture, etc.

Language: JavaScript

Express is a minimal yet flexible framework providing a robust set of features for developing mobile and web applications. It is an easy and fast framework that facilitates the rapid development of Node.js based applications.

  1. Ruby on Rails 

Popular websites with this framework: AirBnB, GroupOn, Shopify, Github, etc.

Language: Ruby

This is a productive framework developed by David Heinemeier Hansson and can be used to produce an application at least 10 times faster than a typical Java framework. Additionally, Ruby on Rails has everything you would need to create a database-driven web app using the MVC pattern.

  1. Django 

Popular websites with this framework: Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, etc.

Language: Python

Django is a framework popularly is used to build top quality apps. It is incredibly fast, versatile, as well as scalable. The best thing is that the framework itself facilitates security.

  1. Spring

Popular websites with this framework: MIT, Allocine, Mascus, etc.

Language: Java

Developed by Pivotal Software, Spring is a favourable application development framework for the Java enterprise. It is especially popular for its use in the development of high performance, robust web apps.

  1. Meteor

Popular websites with this framework: PolicyBazaar, Telescope, etc.

Language: JavaScript

Meteor is a considerably simpler way of building realtime mobile and web apps. You can perform rapid prototyping and produce a cross-platform code. Also, it also has a cloud platform Galaxy, which substantially improves deployment, monitoring and scaling as well

  1. React JS

Popular websites with this framework: Uber, Facebook, Dropbox, AirBnB, etc.

Language: JavaScript

React, developed by Facebook, is considered as the best alternative for a UI web development. Its declarative method of programming is compatible with HTML and super friendly with SEO. It is popularly opted for producing high-performance web apps. React is designed with state tracking, so you don’t have to trace program flow. It also follows MVC.

  1. Vue JS

Popular websites with this framework: Apple, Trivago, Google, etc.

Language: JavaScript

It is another specialized framework popularly used to create single-page and dynamic UI. Easy to use and small in size, Vue can help you create applications fast.

  1. Ember

Popular websites with this framework: Twitch, LinkedIn, Oyo, etc.

Language: JavaScript

The regular updates by the developers have made it the safest. You can create scalable single-page web apps by incorporating best practices, patterns, and common idioms.

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features of ecommerce

Important Features of an Ecommerce Website

In the era of the internet, every business has its online presence. Ecommerce website is the platform where you can run your business; you can sell your products online. Well-designed e-commerce must have a few major characteristics to grow your business online. Teckmovers solutions build well-designed eCommerce websites along with all the important features to help the merchant and customers involved in a particular transaction.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a few major important features of the eCommerce website you must have on your website.

1. User-friendly Website

As per studies, 76% of customers show their interest in websites that are easier to use. There is a concept named K.I.S.S. adage (Keep it Stupid, Simple) which is all about keeping simplicity in the design. This concept helps your website to get more traffic easily and retain the users. Similarly, a simple website attracts buyers to shop on your website due to an easier purchasing process.

There are a few points that help in keeping your website simple.

  • By using search functionality with the help of an autocomplete feature.
  • By maintaining cost-effective and visual navigation.
  • Use pre-populates forms.

2. Mobile Compatibility

A good eCommerce website is supposed to have proper compatibility with not mobile devices, even with all the screens. You must ensure that your eCommerce website has a responsive design for mobile users. Techmovers solutions is the best web development company in Gurgaon that provides highly responsive eCommerce websites for mobile and other screens as well. Good responsive or mobile-friendly websites are highly considered by Google for ranking purposes.

3. Fast Loading Time

The study says that up to 40% of online shoppers or users prefer to leave the website when it takes more than 2-3 seconds as loading time. If your website takes more loading time, it will increase the bounce rate of your website that will impact your conversion rate and ranking as well. Teckmovers solutions provides such web designing services that take lesser time to load and helps you to retain the users on your website.

4. Easy Navigation

Generally, eCommerce websites have to face many challenges in terms of navigation of the website as per users’ views. The major reason for navigation issues is the presence of a number of products on the website. Especially department stores have heavy data of their products to upload on the website must have a design with more careful navigation. In this case, user testing helps a lot to improve the navigation of your eCommerce website. Your eCommerce website should have such easy navigation that the shopper or user must easily find out the products he/she is looking for on your website.

5. Site-Wide Search

Navigation is one of the critical factors for a website though; the search feature deals with ease in finding the products on your website. Many times visitors or shoppers may face difficulties while finding out certain products on the website. So that good navigation along with effective site-wide search features makes your eCommerce more user-friendly and gains more conversion rate.

6. Product Showcase & Easy Checkout

An eCommerce website is supposed to showcase multiple products in an effective way to the shoppers. A good product showcase attracts visitors to buy your products. There are websites which are using a large homepage to promote their products as sale, new product line, or other offers on their products. To showcase products on the homepage you may use certain slideshows on the website to make it easier for visitors to find the products.

If we talk about the checkout process on the website, it should be very clear and easy. If your checkout process is critical by anyway, shoppers won’t be able to go through the shopping and will leave your site without buying any product.

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