Food ERP

Here’s How ERP Helps the Food Safety Industry

The food safety industry is usually disregarded by people in spite of the fact that it plays a major role in saving them from foodborne diseases. Companies of this particular industry do the thankless job by maintaining proper sanitation, preparation, handling and storage of both raw and cooked food. These processes can be made less laborious by using special tools and software like ERP and CRM. 

Not to mention, it’s a fact that the food industry isn’t only in the business for profits but for serving the noble cause of welfare. Therefore, one must not underestimate the measures taken by these companies to make their jobs a success, which isn’t only determined by the profits they make — billions of dollars are blown every year in the treatment of diseases contracted from food.

Clearly, the job is not easy! Unified CRM and ERP can help the food safety industry with their job to work efficiently towards their mission and vision of providing safe food to everybody. 

Some Common Challenges faced by Food safety industry:

One common inadequacy still adopted by some companies in the industry is using legacy systems, which are more likely to be insufficient and erroneous. Legacy systems are also incapable of finding and producing the required reports. If your company uses these systems, you might need to integrate other applications to monitor specific food data. Traditional systems aren’t considered as competent as they can’t record essential information, such as supply chain data, along with precise financial information in order to track profit and losses. 

Now, the question is, how can ERP solutions actually help you? Here’s how:

A Cost-Effective Food Industry ERP Solution

The best of ERP systems offer streamlined and error-free results along with impressive scalability & performance at very reasonable rates. They not only make your job easier but cheaper.

Purchase, Sales and Inventory Manager ERP

Whatever system you choose, you need a purchase module that helps in identifying cost-effective quotations from the vendors around. ERP and CRM solutions for the food industry help you with the process by undergoing validation purposes before generating a purchase order on command. 

Moreover, as you know, inventory is a crucial part of the industry and ERP solutions help you maintain stock at various warehouse locations; this also includes the lot and sterilized items. 

Along with this, there’s a sales module, which supports the preparation of customer quotations with the help of a separate unit tool, the pricing master. This helps with multiple units of measure, which is a must for a food safety industry. Not only this, the solution comes with a credit limit check, so if a customer is found over-credited, the item won’t be allowed to sell to them without authorization. 

The Lot and Serialized Inventory Tracking

The lot and sterilized inventory tracking is essentially helpful in the cases of product thefts. Additionally, expiry dates are also recorded by the system to identify expired items and notify you about the same.

ERP Software for Ease of Finance Accounting

ERP software can also help you maintain the accounts book by using its finance modules. It typically maintains detailed customer, vendor, and ledger accounts data. 

ERP Allows Comprehensive and Real Time Reporting

Proper ERP and CRM software often come with comprehensive tools that grant you the provisions to visually interpret and analyze real-time data and also generate comprehensive reports. Some of these reports can also help you identify your important partners for your business. 

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Pharma ERP

5 Pharma ERP Software Benefits to Resolve Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Challenges

The rising competition, governmental regulations, and customer expectations have made the pharmaceutical industry super difficult to sustain in. In spite of that, pharmaceutical manufacturers are operating relentlessly to make the ends meet by going digital, using versatile tools and techniques. One such tool is ERP: Pharma ERP software comes with many useful modules. It also facilitates the enterprises to manufacture the best quality drugs at the cheapest and also comply with stringent regulations.


The 5 benefits of Pharma ERP software:

  1. Pharma ERP for Sales and Marketing Management

The templates offered by pharma ERP software allow you to efficiently manage contracts and process sales. It has the capacity to store and regularly update massive amounts of consumer data. The software further helps by:


  • Smartly formulating prices on factors, such as demographic data and purchase patterns and history
  • Automatically creating workflows post completing a sales order independently, reducing any need for human intervention
  • Allowing the marketing department to run and monitor promotional campaigns in real-time, offering the liberty to alter them per changing trends and implement new strategies in real-time
  • Enabling an inter-departmental flow of information
  1. Pharma ERP for Improved Traceability


Traceability is essential in any industry, but more so in pharma because of the multiple government regulations. Using pharma ERP software can help companies maintain a record of all purchases as well as the movement of raw materials and end products. This simplifies the audit trail process, allowing the company to respond to product recalls within a few minutes as opposed to days.

  1. Pharma ERP for Regulatory compliance 


Governments throughout the world implement stringent policies for pharma companies, failing to comply with which results in rigid punishments. Pharma ERP software has the ability to maintain meticulous checks and balances system, handle bills and receipts, validate protocols, and club formulation and compliance management modules. You also get help with essential documents to perform audits and maintain statutory vigilance.

Moreover, the software manages historical data, enabling all business stakeholders to store and retrieve data in one place.


  1. Pharma ERP for Inventory and Material Management

It enables managers to monitor inventory levels and control pilferage by maintaining real-time records for manufacturing materials. You can set a threshold in the software and it will automatically place orders with the vendors when there’s a drop in the number of raw materials below the limit. You also get insights on material usage, inventory levels, and a regularly generated inventory status report, which helps manage expenses and save costs.


  1. Pharma ERP for Exact Product Costing


One struggle common to all pharmaceutical manufacturing companies is maintaining record operational and material costs. How do you determine costs in the inadequacy of such critical data? ERP software record the costs of raw materials, insurance, R&D, customer incentives, etc. and determine profitability. Thank the multiple valuation methods that electronically capture all the expenses. Although pharma manufacturers rarely create by-products, if they do, these costs are recorded as well.




In order for a company to excel in the pharmaceutical industry, it’s imperative for it to become as digital and automated as possible. Pharma ERP software can do everything from determining costs and calculating profits to managing sales and marketing; from improving traceability to helping with the compliance of government regulations, overall enabling the manufacturer to grow big.


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ERP Software

Why The Demands For ERP Software Are Growing Day By Day?

There are several ways businesses can grow in their domains. But, the reputations of Enterprise Resource Planning  are increasing day. Because of the ability to increase growth rapidly and gradually, these software are highly demanded in different industry domains. Choosing a good ERP Software provider and getting the most suitable solutions helps the  companies to increase their business sales and hence the reputation. So, let’s understand why ERP software are highly demanded by the businesses these days.

Rapid visibility of the information

For any business, it is good to have real-time access to important data. With the help of Best software, a business can have access to accurate data which updates regularly with the resources. It allows the firms to quickly analyse various things and make sudden changes when required. Also, it supports innovation because of the ability to track inventory shortages and supply chains.


The ERP software allows the employees to work remotely using their mobile devices. It increases productivity and collaboration. With the help of Best ERP Software, it becomes easy to handle your business processes effectively without any hassle from wherever you are.

Easy integration

As compared to any other business software solution, the ERP systems can easily be implemented into real-time industry environments. It saves our time and budgets. Also, because of their simple networks, the maintenance becomes easy and effective. Whether it is inventory management software or sales CRM, you will surely be able to integrate these solutions by connecting to a good firm in this domain.

Improved workflows and collaboration

Business workflows are optimized with the help of ERP software. Along with this, these software allows the employees to work effectively by following the business processes. These software also serves as good communication channels inside the industries. If you are utilizing an Inventory Management Software, you will be able to get the most out of this department. It happens because of the detailed information and easily customizable solutions.

Final Verdict

Having good ERP software solutions will surely help your company to grow effectively. However, finding a good firm to establish these solutions is important. So, while choosing any firm for sales CRM or any other ERP software, make sure to do a brief research about the available options. Stay connected with Teckmovers to get access to regular articles like this one.

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ERP Software

Points To Take Care Of Before Choosing Your ERP Software?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is highly effective in enhancing our core business processes and outputs. When it comes to business efficiency and competitiveness, ERP software can help us a lot to increase our output. To get the most out of these advanced business software solutions, we must take care to choose them wisely. In order to groom and enhance our core business tasks, finding good software must be your main focus. So, here in this article, we are going to discuss important points which you must consider to find the Best ERP Software for your company.

Throughout process analysis

Before choosing an ERP solution for you, it is important to analyze the things you want to promote using this software. Along with your strengths and weak points, keep everything in mind before finalizing any ERP software or software provider for you. Finding the Best ERP Software will be easier when you do this initial step carefully.

Make a list of requirements

Before choosing your manufacturing ERP or any other ERP solution, make sure to create a list of your core business needs. Just find out which points you are going to groom using your ERP solution or EPPS ERP. Focus on your business processes and needs. Then try to understand how you are going to improve them using your ERP solution. Most people believe that using manufacturing ERP is enough but you must have to keep each aspect of your company while choosing your ERP solutions.

Accessibility on mobile devices

Easy access to crucial business information is important when you utilize ERP or manufacturing software. While choosing your ERP software, make sure that your firm is providing you mobile access to all your important information. Along with this, make sure that your sensitive information remains secure while utilized in mobile devices. Manufacturing Software is utilizing advanced encryption tactics these days. So, make sure to find the support that can provide you with the same too.

Integration with the existing systems

Enterprise Resource Planning such as manufacturing software is used to automate and optimize most of the processes using technology. But, when you implement this software such as Epps ERP in your company, the existing systems will either have to be replaced or merged with the new systems. For example, If you are already using any automation system or inventory management software for the manufacturing processes, the collected information will be helpful for you. So, when you go for a new manufacturing ERP or Sales CRM, make sure the existing data do not get wasted.


When you start your search for the ERP or accounting software providers, you will get lots of options to choose from. But, the budget is the main thing that must be considered before choosing any of your ERP solution providers. The process of development and implementation of ERP and Accounting Software is expensive.

Develop a growth-oriented implementation plan

ERP software including sales CRM is utilized to enhance revenues and business recognition. So, when you start your search for the CRM software, make sure to develop an implementation and deployment plan. This will help you to get the most out of your CRM software whether you are going for the inventory management software or anyone else.

Final Verdict

A proper research work along with a detailed industry analysis will surely help you to find the best CRM software for you. Make sure to put all of your efforts into it. Furthermore, Teckmovers keep coming with these types of articles to keep you regularly facilitated. Stay connected with us for more regular updates on related topics.

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ERP losses

How ERP Can Help You To Overcome your Losses?

ERP or Enterprises Resource Planning is one of the major assets for all big and small-sized businesses to ensure their constant growth and business spread. This system allows us to manage the business effectively and automate many business functions related to Human resources, services, and technology. With its many positive effects on our businesses, ERP is also able to overcome your business losses efficiently in very little time. A business not using any automation and analytics system or an ERP is more prone to have business losses. It is because of the lack of transparency and tracking of our business resources and works. But, there are some Advantages of ERP Systems by which we can easily overcome our business losses easily.

Build Quality Control

Your business might get hurt with product quality issues or any other quality problems. By using ERP, it will be easy to have a constant look at every quality complaint and implementations of effective solutions to improve it. This will not only improve the product quality but streamline a key business process. You can go for EPPS ERP solutions which are having vast experience in this field and know how to provide the endurance to a business.

Track Business Resources

If an unhealthy use of business resources is the cause of your losses then you must opt-in for ERP by which you will have all the track records of every resource expenditure. Once you have all the records of all the resources whether they are for production or management, you can justify every gain and loss in your business.

 Supply Chain Transparency

A disrupted supply chain of business could result in huge losses to company revenue. It is necessary to have a smooth and efficient supply chain where the raw material is transformed into batches of good and then sent to the customers. Process Manufacturing ERP provides full visibility of the full supply chain. It can also track the performance of suppliers and distributors and also provide analytical data to provide effective insights into the whole business processes.

After reading these points, you will be able to know now that What Is a Benefit of ERP Systems?

 ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation is not an easy task. It is always done in different stages. Once you contact a good ERP solution provider, they will do detailed studies and audits to provide you the most suitable ERP system.

  • Project Discovery

This is the initial stage of ERP implementation and it consists of activities that define the scope and vision of the project and get each detail of customer requirements.

  • Planning and Analysing

In this step, the main steps involved in the project development are discovered and the basic overview of the project to fulfill the demand is discussed. 

  • Build and Stabilize

In this process, the project is built and it is made sure that the solutions are up to the client’s requirements are not

  • Deployment

It includes the processes that will deploy the solutions in the production environment.

  • Post Go-live Support

After the successful launch of the solutions, big ERP solutions firms like EPPS Infotech Pvt Ltd Which is the North India Partner of Teckmovers Solution Private Limited also provide professional support after the Post go-live of the desired ERP solutions.

Limitations of ERP

There are lots of Advantages of ERP Systems, some of which are given above. But some Limitation of ERP is also there at the same time.

  • Expensive System
  • Degree of Customization
  • Long Implementation Time
  • Department Interconnectivity.

We hope that you will be able to understand how ERP can actually help you to overcome your losses. ERP Challenges and Benefits are combined with each other but ultimately it will promote your business growth.

EPPS Infotech Pvt Ltd takes these challenges and will help in your business growth.

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