Here’s How ERP Helps the Food Safety Industry

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Here’s How ERP Helps the Food Safety Industry

The food safety industry is usually disregarded by people in spite of the fact that it plays a major role in saving them from foodborne diseases. Companies of this particular industry do the thankless job by maintaining proper sanitation, preparation, handling and storage of both raw and cooked food. These processes can be made less laborious by using special tools and software like ERP and CRM. 

Not to mention, it’s a fact that the food industry isn’t only in the business for profits but for serving the noble cause of welfare. Therefore, one must not underestimate the measures taken by these companies to make their jobs a success, which isn’t only determined by the profits they make — billions of dollars are blown every year in the treatment of diseases contracted from food.

Clearly, the job is not easy! Unified CRM and ERP can help the food safety industry with their job to work efficiently towards their mission and vision of providing safe food to everybody. 

Some Common Challenges faced by Food safety industry:

One common inadequacy still adopted by some companies in the industry is using legacy systems, which are more likely to be insufficient and erroneous. Legacy systems are also incapable of finding and producing the required reports. If your company uses these systems, you might need to integrate other applications to monitor specific food data. Traditional systems aren’t considered as competent as they can’t record essential information, such as supply chain data, along with precise financial information in order to track profit and losses. 

Now, the question is, how can ERP solutions actually help you? Here’s how:

A Cost-Effective Food Industry ERP Solution

The best of ERP systems offer streamlined and error-free results along with impressive scalability & performance at very reasonable rates. They not only make your job easier but cheaper.

Purchase, Sales and Inventory Manager ERP

Whatever system you choose, you need a purchase module that helps in identifying cost-effective quotations from the vendors around. ERP and CRM solutions for the food industry help you with the process by undergoing validation purposes before generating a purchase order on command. 

Moreover, as you know, inventory is a crucial part of the industry and ERP solutions help you maintain stock at various warehouse locations; this also includes the lot and sterilized items. 

Along with this, there’s a sales module, which supports the preparation of customer quotations with the help of a separate unit tool, the pricing master. This helps with multiple units of measure, which is a must for a food safety industry. Not only this, the solution comes with a credit limit check, so if a customer is found over-credited, the item won’t be allowed to sell to them without authorization. 

The Lot and Serialized Inventory Tracking

The lot and sterilized inventory tracking is essentially helpful in the cases of product thefts. Additionally, expiry dates are also recorded by the system to identify expired items and notify you about the same.

ERP Software for Ease of Finance Accounting

ERP software can also help you maintain the accounts book by using its finance modules. It typically maintains detailed customer, vendor, and ledger accounts data. 

ERP Allows Comprehensive and Real Time Reporting

Proper ERP and CRM software often come with comprehensive tools that grant you the provisions to visually interpret and analyze real-time data and also generate comprehensive reports. Some of these reports can also help you identify your important partners for your business. 

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