How Can a Mobile App like “Zoom” be created?

How Can a Mobile App like “Zoom” be created?

What used to be a peculiarity, the COVID-19 pandemic made remote working a norm. The companies that once considered working from home impractical are now thanking mobile app development companies for creating tools like ‘Zoom,’ which has made the situation a hundred times less complicated.

While several video conferencing apps have since been born, what exactly does such an app take to be made? What features are essential and if you want to have an app that suits your needs, how can you go about it? Let’s discuss.

Basic Features of a Video Conferencing App

At the fundamental level, Zoom Meetings has most of the features one would need to hold a virtual meeting.

First, you can join a meeting without even logging in, by just using the meeting ID of the host. Second, you can join/host a meeting by any means as long as your screen device has required features and an internet connection. Then, you can turn off your mic and camera, share your screen, virtually raise hands, create a poll, chat, mute participants, and even record a meeting.

Additionally, there are many other features that the mobile app maintenance services integrate to video conferencing apps, such as setting a virtual background during a meeting or putting a filter on you, which basically smoothens your skin. Although when you’re thinking about making a conferencing app of your own, you will have to decide which features are essential and which can be left out.

How to Create a Video Conferencing App like Zoom Video?

To develop a video conferencing app like Zoom or Google Meet, you need to take care of a few essential steps, which are as follows:

1. Back-End Development

Just what the skeleton is to a body, the back-end is to an app. You need to build the basic framework for the proper functioning of your video conferencing app. While you can indeed integrate a ready-made BaaS solution to your app, it’s much better to build a server from the scratch to render more innovative technologies and features to it.

2. UI/UX Design

An interactive and attractive user interface will reduce the bounce rate by a tremendous percentage as it would enhance user experience. Therefore, you need to create an engaging UX design. While users are smart enough to quickly understand the usage of different features, you also need to ensure that the features aren’t too hard to reach. From the UI perspective, the design should be very appealing so it makes people don’t get bored with it.


Whether you use existing video conferencing apps, seek shelter under mobile app development companies, or build an app of your own, the idea remains singular – making remote working effortless. Video conferencing apps have made it possible for people sitting in one corner of the world to work for a company at another corner, something which was a rarity. Any which ways, it’s a boon to the corporate world.

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