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How to go green with technology on Earth day?

The Earth day is approaching and the so called “Go green” mantra will be chanted everywhere. Beside that many environmental scientist are trying to take the help of technology to lower the green house effect and thus improving environment aesthetics.

How to go green using technology?

technology is making the lives of every individual easier. Earth day is giving initiation to start  eco-friendly lifestyle with the help of technology. technology has occupied all spaces, it has spread it’s branches to minute sectors too. It’s also giving it’s valuable contribution in order to increase the environmental health.

Solar panels are one among the biggest invention in the field of technology towards mother nature. This is helping in reducing the carbon footprint in the nature and thus contributing in lowering the green house effect.

The other big challenge which the watch is facing are the e-wastes from computers, electronics, and from other gadgets. The elements emerging from these gadgets like palladium, silver, copper can be recycled in order to reduce the land fill and bio harm.

Taking the help of network: network is saving our time, money, and also helping in maintaining environmental health. One can do shopping of all ingredients required for day today life, organising virtual meetings, online classes etc, are helping in saving the precious gas and other fuels and reducing the environmental impact.

Go-mail with Gmail and go paperless and go green. When observed from environmental perspective this is a best eco-friendly gesture.  It’s a known fact that the trees are the lifesavers of people. They help in decreasing the green house effect. Many trees are cutting down and so many deforestation has happened in order to reach the need of papers. So by opting Gmail one can reduce the use of paper. Not only this in all industries documenting using data saves a lot trees and also they will be well secured.

Take the help of new technologies and their smart features like energy saving features, sensors, and installing LED lights all these minute tasks will fetch you more.

Technology is also has its impact on vertical farming which is very popular nowadays and having positive response from the Eco lovers.

Many techie ideas like carpooling also adds on its point by saving energy.

In agriculture field installing drip irrigation, organic farming and all are helping to decrease the green house effect.

There are many Go green apps which are contributing by giving tips and ideas to the followers in order to save energy and thus saving the environment.

As the main concept of Going green is to conserve energy and preserving  the environment. Let’s take the help of these existing and upcoming technologies in order to build the eco friendly future to our next generation.

We wish you a Happy  Earth Day 2019!

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