Comparison Between Native Vs Hybrid App

Native vs. Hybrid app Comparison

The traffic coming from smartphones is increasing day by day because of an increased number of cost-effective smartphones in the mobile market. And due to this, the scope for mobile apps is also growing. Instead of opening websites by their links, people want to have an app which has all the features and services being provided by a business. Generally, two types of app development processes are there. First is Native and second one is hybrid app development. Both are having their own features and disadvantages. The main focus while developing an app should be on the users. Users only want easy to use and attractive apps.

A developer and a good Mobile App Development Company always know which type of technology should be used for different app types and industries. In this article, we are going to compare both the app technologies and know which is best for you.

Hybrid vs. Native App Development

To know the best one for your needs, you should know their specifications first of all. There are comparisons given below for both the types. After knowing them, it will be easy for you to find the best one for you.

Native App Development

As its name suggests, a Native Mobile App is made to run on a specific type of devices or operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry. These apps are developed by using their dedicated programming languages which includes:

  • Objective C or Swift for iOS development
  • Kotlin, Java for Android
  • C for Windows smartphones

Advantages of Native app Development

It provides smooth applications by using specific programming languages for each platform.

It is more easy and fast to develop apps using native app development

It is able to provide enhanced user-experience along with great UI

It provides increased security

Customizations of apps are easy by using this.

Hybrid App Development

These apps are able to run on multiple platforms like Windows, iPhone or Android. These apps are actually native apps combined together to run on different operating systems and devices.

Advantages of Hybrid app development

By using this development, you can easily create applications to run on different platforms at once.

It is best to choose if you have limited budgets for your app development

It takes less time to publish the apps using this strategy

There are fewer chances of errors while the content is updated because these web apps are incorporated into native shells.

Why choose native app?

Native App Development is there to give an enhanced performance on the desired platforms. Other important reasons for choosing it are as follows.

  • It gives access to use device features like gestures, alignments, swipes, etc.
  • These apps can run on an offline basis as the data is already downloaded in the device storage.
  • It promotes native app experience by supporting the Mobile UX/UI design process.
  • It is best to use for developing complex apps which are beyond the limitation of just showing the data to the users.

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