Pioneer Urban is 20 years old and a leading Indian Conglomerate engaged in the development of Real Estate for the last two decades in Gurugram. The company has made a distinct place for itself in the development of mini-townships and mega group housing projects. Today it has several projects of its own at various locations and has played a vital role in changing the landscape of Gurugram.


Pioneer Urban wanted an Informative Website with the Actual Construction update. So, that the people who are associated with Pioneer and have their projects with Pioneer can see their construction updates whether it’s ready or under construction etc.

To provide ease to their clients, Pioneer planned for this online portal, where their clients can see the construction updates and at what stage their construction has been reached or how much time will it take to complete the project.



The Teckmovers ’s first challenge was to create a panel where the client should get the notifications of construction updates, which has to be mentioned by the admin with different informations related to it.

And also to secure the confidentiality of the client’s data, so that no one can access it without the permission of the client, not even admin can edit the details without the permission of the client.

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  • March 5, 2021

More Information

INDUSTRY Real Estate USER AUTHENTICATION Only Admin team are the authorized users of the admin panel. To access clients data, a permission should be granted by the client itself, and also client will provide a key to the admin to access their data. Important point is that key can be used only once, later it will get changed when you will ask for the permission again by the client. This way our client data will be secured. SOLUTION Teckmovers’s Developers accepted this challenge and made the website in order to provide access to the clients in an encrypted manner. If an admin or the person related to the website has to access the account should have a key to decrypt the data Or The data of client cannot be shared as it requires a key to access it, so this way our brilliant Developers has completed the task.