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The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads for 2019

Nothing can beat the experience of having high traffic consistently to your site. But how could it be possible? The answer is Google Ads. Google Ads surprisingly brings out innumerable benefits no matter your business is small or big.

Wondering, How Does Google Ads Work? You will get the Google Adwords tutorial for beginners to guide to place Google ads 2019 perfectly.

Its quite simple and works of minutes to settle the Google Ad campaigns. You will know here, how to use Google Adwords and attain maximum output:

#1: Google Ads Account

Open Google Ads Home Page beforehand. Now tap on the button, ‘Start Now’. Direct to Adwords dashboard now so that you can get maximum control and flexibility in managing and running these campaigns.

#2: Initiate Google Ads Campaign

Now tap the blue button with the + symbol for the new campaign. As the main purpose is to get the maximum lead of business, so you can choose here the campaign suits your requirements the most by selecting the option, ‘Search’ campaign, and tap on ‘Continue’.

#3: Campaign Audience

Here, location plays an important role. Google Ads Bidding Strategy plays an important role wherein, you can choose the campaign after bidding for the best strategy. The audience you want to target can be directly targeted by performing this step wisely. Open location options and select the most appropriate option for you. It’s a great way to focus on the audience you want to target the most.

#4: Display and Gmail Campaign

Select the right display and Gmail campaign now for better output.

Get ready to rock!

This is the way to set up Google Ads, but How To Use Google Adwords for free and what should you keep in mind before doing so, get the guide here:

Even after setting the Google Ads, people face failure because they don’t know how to actually use it. Go through the terms you must understand and work accordingly:

  • Keyword Terms
    Make testing and tweaking an inseparable part of your Google ad strategy. Don’t make broad keywords in ads because it will get fewer clicks.


  • Ads must correspond to the search
    You need to justify your ad content with the search results. If ads displaying to the wall don’t get relate to the searches of the audience, then the chances are less of getting a positive outcome.


  • Hike up the Quality Score
    You need to work on the quality score of your ads. Google can inform you of your rank, but to improve it by thoroughly keeping an eye on everything is up to you. With a high-quality score, the chances are more that you will get maximum views’ attention comparing low QS.


  • Attractive Landing Page
    Using Google AdWords doesn’t just end up in showcasing your ad. The visitor must have a great experience after clicking on it. The landing page must be attractive enough to show the right content quickly that you promised them while showing your ad.


There’s no doubt that Google ads can change the game. Just follow the above-mentioned criteria step by step and let your business, rock in the online world. If you want more clarifications on it, then you can share your point in the comment section. We are pleased to offer you the best solutions and guide you at every step.

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