Track Your Sales Leads in 5 Simple Steps

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Track Your Sales Leads in 5 Simple Steps

If your current business ROI isn’t how you expect it to be, you might want to look into your current sales lead management process. Although you can manage a lead in various ways, if you’re willing to boost your ROI and achieve your sales target, you should be searching for the right tool. A tool that is flexible, is simple to use, and has features to track, guide, and convert sales leads into a reliable consumer-base. By using CRM software, you can handle all of these features without a hassle.


Let’s dive into how sales CRM software can manage your leads and boost your windows of opportunity:

Step 1: Lead Tracking


For any successful business, lead tracking must be the primary job. Sales CRM is really useful when you do not want to rely on papers and spreadsheets to track your sales leads. So, during CRM acquisition, always make sure that your preset or custom CRM tool has the lead tracking feature because some CRM agencies might not be offering it. The prospect can be managed and tracked through lead tracking features throughout the entire sales cycle. The chances of increasing cross-sales and repeated sales are more as this feature collects important information about leads, which you can use to your benefit later in the future.

Step 2: Track Source of the Leads

Once you’ve tracked your sales leads, you now need to track the source. This will provide you with more important information as you will know where it is coming from. This data is crucial because it enables you to know where and how you can find more leads.

The lead source can be tracked very efficiently using a good CRM software. By using this data, you can advance your marketing effort and redirect funds towards the most advanced platforms to gain more leads. Well, if you didn’t already know, Instagram generates higher leads than Twitter. So, do you now know where to use your resource for your forthcoming marketing campaigns?

Step 3: Go into Training Sessions

If you have already chosen your sales CRM software and added it to your business, now is the step where you have to learn to use it productively. No matter how good of a CRM tool you own, what’s the point if you don’t know how to use it? For your CRM tool to help you streamline the lead management process, conduct a proper training session for your team to use it effectively. If nobody in your team is capable of doing that, you can speak to your provider Sales CRM Software Company and ask them for training before you sign any contract. This ensures that you use your CRM tool to its full capacity, without missing out on something vital.

Step 4: Be on the Lead

After all, you need to drive your team and widen their horizons. This makes a lot of sense as your employees might just forget about 50% of the newly received CRM training as the sessions can only be provided for a limited time. Also, as they eventually and actually start to use the tool, they are likely come up with new, real-world doubts. Therefore, it is suggested that you take extra training or go through the CRM manual to teach yourself and the sales team more about the left out features and also gain some practical knowledge by using the software. It is good for the organization if more employees learn about lead management features. While you will become more efficient and thorough with time, it’s a great deal if you take the lead and be on the front.

Final Words

Sales CRM software has the power to bring profitable changes to your business. Therefore, you should not ignore the success of sales lead management by CRM. Do not wait until the companies move on to a more advanced version of this tool and you end up again being at the back. As we have already discussed, lead management done by sales CRM can save you money, time, and drastically boost your sales while you enjoy high customer satisfaction and increased revenue. What is there that you need more!


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