What is Flutter and How to use it

What is Flutter and How to Use it?

If you are an Android or iOS developer, you must be aware that the demand for the most smooth and beautiful apps has been increased. As the demands are increasing, the difficulties are also growing for the developers. But, to make your development work easy, a new open source SDK has been introduced named Flutter.

Flutter makes easy to start building attractive apps using its Cupertino (iOS) and a powerful set of Material Design. The apps created with the help of Flutter have natural looks and great user interfaces. Demands of Flutter for Android Development is increasing day by day. The main reason for its huge growth is its ability of customization and easy to implement sets of codes. By using Flutter in Mobile App Development, the companies are able to give the exact designs and working structures of apps as their client needs.

Why Flutter?

There are lots of reasons for choosing flutter as your SDK instead of traditional SDKs. By reducing the amount of code for the synchronization of the app view, it has become the first choice of android app development company.

Reduced Development Time

With its powerful compilers and inspiration from React, the main focus of its development is to develop apps in lesser times.

  • Simple Setup Process

It is easy and faster to set up the new application which overcomes the Disadvantages of Traditional SDK.

  • Hot Reload Feature

The most beneficial and advanced feature of the Flutter is its hot reload feature. The hot reload features help to inject the source code in the Dart Virtual Machine. You can easily see the updated features on the app in a couple of seconds.

  • Automation Library

Flutter has an inbuilt library of different animations which helps a lot to create beautiful app designs. It helps to give the desired designs to apps according to the needs of the clients.

How to Use Flutter?

If you are familiar with the basic programming concepts or you have developed several apps earlier then it will be easy for you to understand the whole process of using the flutter. Below are some details about how to use flutter?

  • Setup Flutter Environment

You can use any editor but mostly the android studio is preferred for Android Development. You will also need a physical device connected with your systems and opened in the developer mode. If you are going to develop an IOS app then an iOS simulator will be required.

  • Create the App

By clicking on File>New Flutter Project, follow the instruction and setup your project by giving it a name. Click on Finish and wait for some time when the android studio installs the SDK.

Code for the application will be in lib/main.dart.

  • Run the App

Go to the main bar of Android Studio. Select an Android Device in the target selector menu. Click on the Run Icon.

Once the app building is completed, you will see the first starter view of your app.

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