Role of Breadcrumbs In SEO

What is the Role of Breadcrumbs in SEO?

Breadcrumbs act as an important aspect for a good and SEO friendly website. These are helpful for both developers and SEO experts. Breadcrumbs help the search engines to better scan the hierarchy of the website. It also helps the users to determine their location on the website. However, most of the website owners do not utilize this feature. But, it has some practical effects on the improvement of SEO and user experience. A good Digital Marketing Company always suggest this wonderful feature to its clients to give them enhanced outcomes from a website.

In this article, we are going to know some important things about breadcrumbs like its types, features, and importance, etc.

Types of Breadcrumbs

1-Location Based Breadcrumbs

It is one of the most common types of breadcrumbs. It determines the location of a user depending upon their different levels of pages. It is helpful to show the user their locations if they have reached on a deep page location on the website.

2-Path-Based Breadcrumbs

It generally shows the users how they have visited the website. For example, a path based breadcrumb for a certain user can be like.

Home>Page 2> Previous Page>Current Page

These type of breadcrumbs are confusing for the users most of the times. That is why they are not preferred as much as other ones.

3-Attribute Base Breadcrumbs

It helps the users to understand the relations of products with each other and helps the audience to find new features. An example.


Features of Breadcrumbs

1-Enhances User Experience

To maintain a good user experience on your website, Breadcrumbs can help you a lot. Nobody likes getting lost on a website and forget the original aim of reaching a website. To help them for better control over their locations, breadcrumbs are necessary.

2-Good For SEO

Search Engine loves well-structured websites and breadcrumbs help to do it. If it easy for the search engine crawlers to understand your pages proficiently then you are more likely to achieve good rankings.

3-Bounce Rate Reduction

Breadcrumbs have a great effect on the reduction of bounce rate because it gives a positive impact on the website and helps the users to explore it more. It helps us to introduce the users with all the related items to their search queries.

Importance of Breadcrumbs

We discussed earlier the features of Breadcrumbs. There are lots of other features of this simple but effective technique. By giving different function to the website owners, breadcrumbs are becoming more important for SEO especially.

  • Breadcrumbs are helpful for SEO in both mobile and web versions of websites.
  • They are easy to implement.
  • Breadcrumbs are necessary to have great CTR (Click through rates) on the SERPs.
  • They help to give a positive first impression on the visitors
  • They can help to promote related products on E-Commerce websites

If you really want to provide a good user experience along with better competitiveness, you must try for breadcrumbs. It results are huge if used in a good manner.

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