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The Real Benefits of AMP For Your Website

Running a business online has become a necessity today, but it’s quite challenging to captivate the visitors and make them loyal towards your business. However, if you have AMP, then this doesn’t remain challenging at all as it smoothes out the online performance of your business quickly.

How could AMP do it? What it exactly is? What benefits will you enjoy? You will get all the answers here today. So, here we go!

What is AMP and why is it so essential for smooth business operations online?

Accelerated Mobile Pages, abbreviated as AMP is a great way to create the mobile pages that quickly deliver the content. It loads the web pages quickly and convinces the visitors inevitably to stay for a long time and improve the overall usability. In short, it optimized your page or website for mobile use.

So, quickly loaded website, quick content automatically means high mobile ranking, less bounce rate and of course better engagement. The Best Website Designing Company can get it done for you spontaneously.

As of now, you know what is it exactly. So, let’s go forward to know what Benefits of AMP for Your Website

  • Hike in Website Traffic

What do you think, is the best way to attract traffic? Of course, the best browsing experience can result in a great amount of traffic. AMP improves the browsing experience in a great way and lets the visitors stay on your site for a maximum time. The website that runs smoothly is the first preference of all the visitors, which makes your website popular and get a higher rank in search results.

  • Abates Page Load Time

By having AMP, you can proudly say, your users will not have to wait at all. The website load time gets profoundly decreased with fast and lean AMP. Quick loading automatically means more and regular visitors.

  • Increased Ad Views

The usability of images, banners, and ads gets enhanced with the HTML coded in AMP. This ultimately results in increased ad views and this gives a perfect chance to the publishers to earn money by monetizing their sites.

  • Higher CTR (Click-Through Rate)

AMP let your page showcase in the top stories carousel of Google. Whenever the search is done on mobiles, then it starts appearing on top of search results and pop up & encouraged the users to click on it. So, it makes your page mobile friendly, pop it up on the top and increase click-through rate of your site instantly.

  • Great Server Performance

If successfully, you start getting an abundance of traffic and regular visitors then automatically the server load gets enhanced which results in low site performance. In such cases, AMP works as a savior as it smoothly reduces the server load and enhances the overall performance.

  • Escalate Mobile Ranking

Because of faster loading, the mobile ranking gets hooked up with AMP. It will certainly affect business growth.

As of now, the benefits of AMP are clear, but How Does AMP Work? This is a common question that arises in everyone’s mind. AMP is not a single term, but it’s actually a great combination of several elements, which makes your site mobile friendly and optimize it in a better way. Its working is very vast and the best web development company can do it in a perfect way, on your behalf.


You can surely count on AMP for better user experience and hike up the visibility of your site in the online world. It’s a great way of Google SEO and you can get it done from the Top Web Development Company right away.

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Why SEO is Required and How it is Beneficial?

If one asks for the most viable marketing outlet, then SEO is the very first option to pop-up. However, the earlier trend was not SEO favorable which lead to unaware businessmen who still want to know, why should they resort to it? How could it benefit their business? Is it suitable for all forms, viz. small, large or medium enterprise?
Hold on! Here you will get all the answers that you covet so far. Before going ahead, let me clear first, search engine optimization , abbreviated as SEO can prove as a valuable asset for you in getting consistent web traffic, visibility, high ROI, and credibility among your customers.
Let’s dive into the deep research on how SEO could hike up your business performance and deliver you the real value. Here are the reasons:

Trust and Credibility-

Firstly, tell me, while searching on Google for an architect, will you call the one displaying on the eighth page or will go for the first-page option? Obviously, you will prefer those flashing on the very first page of Google. But why?
This is what the credibility and trustworthiness of those sites. And you can get this position by following SEO rules with the help of the Top SEO Services Company In Gurgaon . High ranking makes you and your business the most trusted in the eyes of your customer.

Guaranteed ROI-

Offline advertising will bring ROI only if you convince your customers that they actually need your product, otherwise your money goes to waste. But SEO do it smartly. With its digital marketing tactics, you can directly get highlighted when customers search for products that you provide. So, no need to convince them they need your
product. Your work is to show up your reliability which is possible by SEO. So, 100% ROI is guaranteed.

Get Clear Customers Insight-

Here SEO’s tool, Google Analytics work. It details out the valuable data of what your potential customers search the most, in what language, their region, way to browse, the technology used, the time when they stay more active etc.
You can get a deep insight into your customers, which help in framing your strategy accordingly to target them.

Business Visibility-

What if, you get visible to your customer in their every search? Sometimes, people while searching for a particular service, use different keywords to get the best results and choose the one that appears on every search.
This is what business visibility meant for. SEO hikes up the visibility and let your business stand up in every search result.

Valuable Traffic-

Traffic doesn’t mean making money directly. If your site gets considerable traffic, then it will generate the chances of lead generation. The businesses in isolated areas don’t work, you know it quite well. The more the crowd you get, the more chances you attain to have loyal customers. Search engine promotion Gurgaon can make it possible easily.


So, if the foundation is strong, then credibility ultimately gets hiked up and your reputation in the eyes of your customers too. I hope, now you get why SEO is so important and how could it help you in attaining victory. Just adopt its tactics and don’t forget to share this valuable information with your friends’ guys.
See you soon with another interesting topic!


Is Google Ads Necessary to Generate Traffic To Your Website?

Being a newbie to website promotion, you possibly wonder, is Google Ad necessary to generate traffic? To put it more simply, yes, it’s quite useful in raising brand awareness. By spending a bit of your time and efforts on Google Adwords , you can reach the target audience more quickly and easily. Google Adwords and PPC network are interconnected by far. But if you haven’t used it before, then the question about its authenticity certainly emerges. Here’s a reliable guide available to you, bringing all answers to your question, why you should go with Google Adwords and is it necessary to generate traffic?

Let’s get into it:

Before knowing about its importance, firstly understand, what Google Adwords exactly is?

The online advertising platform of Google Adwords helps in displaying your business ads on Google search engine as well as its display advertising networks. You can create and schedule the ads you want to get appeared on Google with the help of Google Adwords.
Now, go through the reasons bespeaking about the importance of Google Adwords :

● Have an upper hand on rivals

Rivals are always there, no matter in what business you are dealing with. To beat the fierce competition, Google Adwords is certainly a worthy option. The PPC campaign is the best way of online marketing which is not as expensive as SEO sand can outrank the rivals easily. You can outbid competitors and redirect their traffic to your site. Easy and amazing, ain’t it?

● Unbeatable Potential

To frame a scalable digital marketing strategy, having access to Google Adwords is exactly a way to raise your online potential. Your focus must be on keywords that help you reach the audience on a large scale. With a strong PPC campaign, you will be able to raise your overall position on Google ranks. The ranks will ultimately enunciate the clicks and traffic you are currently getting.

● Quick Outcomes

Google Adwords is so simple to operate compared to all other online marketing tools. Besides easy operations, you can expect instant results too. Just after getting the approval of your campaign, you can go ahead by entering keywords and maximum bid and this is all. After it, your business will start getting reliable traffic. So no more waiting to attain the targeted traffic on your site.

● Impressive Analytics

One more privilege that makes Google Adword necessary to gain traffic is its amazingly explained analytics. These stats keep you always updated about the performance of your campaigns and alert you for the required changes for more better outcomes. You will get conversion rate, advert position, per click average cost and all relative information. This will navigate you to spend money on lucrative options and step forward wisely.Plus, if your earlier campaign is going well as per the stats, then you can save your money by spending on other campaigns blindly.

● Discontinue Any Time

This is another reason that will captivate you to give Google Adwords , at least a try. For digital marketing and promotion, it’s a pre-condition to rely on some tools. But most of the tools and marketing techniques, viz. SEO bound you for some specific time period. Meaning thereby, you will not be able to switch another option even if you are not getting fruitful results.
But in Google Adwords , this is not so. Its use is not time bound. If you ever think or by watching the stats, it seems like, you are getting benefited from it much, then you can discontinue it, at that very moment. So, you can save on the part of money, efforts and of course your valuable time.
So now, you certainly come to know how Google Adwords can miraculously generate the lead for your site. It’s an economical way to turn prospects into your customers and raise brand awareness tremendously.
Hope, you get enough info regarding Google Adwords and get satisfiable answers too. Still, if you have doubts in mind, then do share it in the comment box. And, don’t forget to share with your squad!

DO’s and DON’Ts of Digital Marketing

Check Out The DO’s and DON’Ts Of Digital Marketing To Consider In 2019

So, you are quite dreaded for upcoming marketing challenges and want to put your steps ahead carefully, right? Then leave your agony behind and let your business rock, this 2019 by putting into action, these vital do’s and don’t in the digital marketing world.

Just Lay Down Your Attention Here:

● Do make your website user-friendly:

Stuffing your web page with unnecessary ads, useless materials or its giving bad user experience with excessively slow processing or worst mobile view can never serve your purpose. You can’t ever afford to overlook ‘User Experience’. If your page is not accessible to users or not bestowing the required experience, then it’s of no use.

● Don’t ignore tracking and testing:

Testing and monitoring your progress are baby steps towards your success and if you overlook it, then surely your base will get shaken. Don’t do anything with closed eyes. At first, test it on a small level, after that track the performance, and then finally implement it on the large level. Actually, all social media platforms and the whole media of Digital Marketing don’t bequeath the same results, so testing and tracking are foremost things to do.

● Do align mobile marketing:

All thanks to cheaper smartphone sets that today, the pace of mobile users is at the crest. You must use mobile marketing to change the overall game of your business. Believe me, you will soon see the difference in sales after adopting this way of promotion.

● Don’t rely on the whole social media:

Relying entirely on all social media platforms is certainly not a good idea. You need to recognize your audience’s interest, where should you target, on what platform should you advertise and then use relevant content.
Being specific will save your efforts and money besides gaining customers’ confidence.

● Do adopt visuals:

Visuals brag the business aces, which your unattractive, simple content can’t ever do. Awareness about the brand, public engagement boosts up within no time, when you put visuals in your posts. Either it’s an info-graphic, video, meme, photo or even simple illustration, your advertisement or post will surely impact the targeted audience. So, don’t ever forget to add some visuals!

● Don’t bar yourself in using videos:

A considerable portion of Digital Marketing is captured by video marketing. Even if it’s intimidating for you, don’t stop from adopting this way. It’s the best way to convince your prospects for your quality products and services. Just jump onto this platform and see how magically everything happens.

● Do use podcasting:

If you are not comfortable using the camera then podcasting would be the best option. You can use existed podcasts and boost up the brand awareness easily.
I hope, you will be audacious this time in adopting these tips and preparing your business for upcoming challenges. For any of your queries, feel free to Contact Us. And yes, don’t forget to share this post with your friend circle, if you feel it worthy.

app development tips

11 Things You Must Know When Developing a Mobile App

Thinking to build a mobile app? Then you surely have considered vital things, right? No? Well, that’s quite distressing as if you don’t make an app promising a unique experience for your users, then all your endeavors will go in vain.

Relax! Just follow these things and go ahead in your app development:

Deep Market Research

Before dipping your toes in developing a Mobile App, it’s always advisable to do proper research for exact navigation of what you should consider while developing an app. Do it first and get insights into competitors, their mistakes and current market scenarios and work accordingly.

Go through customers’ expectations

If your app is useless for the end users, then all your endeavors will just be a waste. So, before developing it, you must know about users’ expectations, as on their satisfaction the whole success depends.

Pick the right company

Picking the correct app developer company is equally significant. You need to check its previous records, case studies, technologies used and time-zone for proper processing and communication and then pick the best suited to your requirements.

Make it different

As there are several apps available out there, so make sure you are serving something different. Make it engaging, trendy and user-friendly.

Don’t let users wait for long

Loading is the thing you must avoid in your apps. If the users face unnecessary buffering then they may consider your app a fake one. However, you can save yourself from this situation by using animations that pop-up on the screen and give assurance that soon the app will start working.

Lay attention on marketing strategies

You need to create a required buzz for your upcoming app in the market, where the marketing strategies work a lot. Start working on it before minimum three weeks of launch and create considerable traffic for your app.


I know it’s quite difficult to label a price for the Mobile App, but you have to do it and that too with complete attention and consideration. Consider all aspects and then set a worthy price.

Find ways to monetize the app

Private advertisements on pay per click basis and many other measures are available that will let you earn on your app. You can look into those options and start earning right after developing it.

Test before launch

What the users will behold first, how is its performance, is it understandable, is it creating any trouble, these are some questions that you must check before the final launch of your app.

Be specific and clear in the description

Your description on Apple App Store or Google Play Store must be catchy and specific enough to captivate the user to get the app.

Don’t cross your budget

Before applying all the tips given above, you must set your budget first and then check each step and make it fall under the budget limit. Keep your eye on all the app development expenses right from research to actual launch.


Only after knowing about these 11 things, you should start working on your app development.

Hope you read each tip carefully. And, don’t forget to aware others by sharing it with them!